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Osho World Foundation is for the first time presented a play - "PANCHHI AISE AATE HAIN" by Vijay Tendulkar and directed by Sanjeev Johri under the banner of "Leela Arts" at Shriram Center on 23rd and 24th April 2005.

During the eighties, plays of Shakespeare were staged in several cities by the Osho Ashram Theatre Group. They were appreciated by audience and critics.

Osho's vision of taking life as a play is the inspiration behind the creation of "Leela Arts". He says, "One of the most fundamental secrets of the eastern teachings -- that life should not be taken as work but as play. God has not created the world... because the word 'creation' seems to be too serious -- he is playing. It is his leela, his play. The eastern concept is very simple, non-serious, more joyous... closer to the great beauty that surrounds -- the flowers, the birds, the rivers, the ocean. Everything seems to be in tremendous play."

Sanjeev Johri is a disciple of Osho and is inspired by Osho's message of being in the world and yet taking life as a play.

The comedy, "PANCHHI AISE AATE HAIN", was Johri's first direction for Osho World Foundation.

For Osho, laughter is an essential part of life. He says, "My approach towards life is that of laughter. And laughter contains love, laughter contains joy and laughter contains gratitude. Laughter contains a tremendous thankfulness towards God."

Osho World Foundation plans to have a series of plays in the near future.

PANCHHI AISE AATE HAIN: Synopsis of the play
Arun- the protagonist - enjoys a gypsy existence-moving from place to place and relating spontaneously with people. In a sea side village of Maharastra, he gets casually acquainted with a family but finds himself deeply entrenched in their internal affairs...

Playing Time : One hour & 30 minutes (approx.)

Vijay Tendulkar is the most acclaimed and influential dramatist in India for the last 4 decades. His plays (written originally in Marathi) have been translated into English and other regional languages and have been continually produced all across the country and abroad. A resident of Mumbai, Tendulkar is also a novelist, literary essayist, journalist, television and screenplay writer and social activist. Tendulkar is author of thirty full-length plays, twenty-three one act plays, several of which have become classics of modern Indian theatre. Among his well-known plays are: Shanta! Court chalu ahe (Silence! The Court is in Session, 1967), Sakharam Binder (Sakharam, the Bookbinder, 1972), Kamala (1981), and Kanyadaan (The Gift of a Daughter, 1983).

Sanjeev Johri has been a regular theatre activist for nearly two decades, and has essayed major roles in numerous stage and TV productions. Having got his initial training in the art of acting under the likes of Pankaj Kapoor and Nadira Zaheer Babbar, he further honed his skills under the guidance of eminent theatre personalities like late Panchanan Pathak, Rajinder Nath and Barry John. Later, he completed a course in theatre direction under the well-known director Joy Michael of Yatrik.

Sanjeev Johri has so far directed three plays for the well known group, Abhiyan, the last of which was selected by Sahitya Kala Parishad as one of the finest plays of 2003-2004.

This is his first directorial venture for Osho World Foundation
CAST: In Order of Appearance
  1. Arun : Iqrar Khan
  2. Saru : Rekha Malhotra Johri
  3. Banda : Naveen Rana/ Manu Dhingra
  4. Anna : Danish Husain
  5. Ma : Sadhna Bhatnagar
  6. Vishwas Rao : Sankalp Rastogi
  7. Arun Vishwas Rao : Shiv Johri

Set Designer : Sudhir Pareek
Set Execution : Gurmukh
Lights : S.K. Banerjee
Stage Manager / Properties : Manasi Pareek
Costumes : Sadhna Bhatnagar, Rekha Malhotra Johri, Manu Dhingra

Executive Producer : Ma Prem Naina

Invites availble at:
OSHO WORLD galleria, Ansal Plaza,
New Delhi Tel: 26519494 Mobile: 9899861616

"Act as if it is real life and live as if it is acting."


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