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Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
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OSHO WORLD : de-stress den

An oasis of calm in the chaos of the marketplace, the Zen-like aura of Osho World attracts first-timers and loyal followers alike. Even if you are untouched by Osho’s philosophies, the mystical instrumental music playing in the background, books waiting for you to be discovered and numerous lifestyle items promise a relaxing and de-stressing sojourn at the outlet on the fourth floor of Forum.

Making music

Osho believed artistes, especially musicians, are closest to god or the greater consciousness, however one may choose to define it. A firm believer in the de-stressing and calming nature of music, Osho helped his followers compose beautiful meditative and de-stressing music, much of which is dance music as well. Flute, santoor, sarangi, various percussion instruments and mystic chants combine to induce complete relaxation or heady trance-like states that can transport you into a different time and space. If you find assurance in familiar names, Shubha Mudgal and Karunesh’s works feature in the collection as well.

Golden words

For those who wish to take the concept of lifestyle beyond material goods and into a mental realm of higher living, there are hundreds of books, audio cassettes, CDs, VCDs and DVDs featuring Osho’s discourses and views on topics ranging from various techniques and stages of meditation, Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Gita, Sufi mystics to love, relationships, women, tantra and more. The works are available both in Hindi and English.

Mood magic

A holistic experience is incomplete without the right ambience. In keeping with Osho’s essence of celebrating life, there are perfumed candles on the racks exuding exotic aromas like jasmine and lemon tea. For a stronger scent, one can opt for incense sticks that come in fragrances like Mandarin Spice, apple, coffee and more. Make a more tangible style statement with avant-garde products made of natural elements like wood, copper, silver, bronze and even glass. A candleholder made of a long bark of wood sitting horizontally with five depressions in it to hold candles stands out. As does a series of Mullah Nasiruddin figurines in bronze, a tribute to the Sufi mystic, whom Osho quoted extensively in his discourses.

Body and mind

Osho believed the body is a temple and must be worshipped accordingly for the mind within to grow and flourish in tandem. Comfortable tees and meditation robes in rich and soothing shades do justice to that thought. The bearded old man was hardly sombre in nature. Osho’s sense of humour makes way in the black or white T-shirts with words like ‘Nothing to lose but your head’. The robes come in rich maroon, jet black and snow white. Osho chappals, velvet pouches, bookmarks and linen bags bearing abstract embroidery help accessorise the hippie look.

The real thing

The racks, however, just represent the tip of the iceberg. The real thing is presented on Sunday mornings between 11 am to 12 noon at the meditation sessions at the store. Meditation techniques are taught by Om of Osho World and guest sanyasis. Participants vouch for the de-stressing qualities of the sessions if nothing else.


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