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Eastern religions regard the “guru” or the “master” at par with God because he becomes the door to god-realisation. Mystics such as Kabir sing that he can even forsake God for Guru he showed the path to godliness. This is the ultimate relationship, an unparallel reltionship in human experience, between the master and disciple.

The day of full moon, Purnima, in the month of Ashadh (July) is traditionally celebrated as Guru Purnima. Bringing out beautifully the essence of guru purnima, Osho says that a guru is like the moon who does not have any light of its own but draws the energy and light from the supreme soul. Unlike full moon nights of other months the moon in the month of Ashadh is surrounded by clouds, as is a guru surrounded by His disciples.

The disciple is ever grateful to his master, but Guru Purnima is the day that is celebrated as an expression of this gratitude.

Osho says that a guru is the one who liberates us and with whom we are in deep love, faith and reverence. A guru is a presence. Through him one gets the first glimpse of divinity. A guru creates, transforms and gives a new birth to a seeker so that with complete trust one can follow his guru while traveling through many unknown paths and doors and opening many unknown locks. Speaking on the significance of a guru, Osho says that a guru’s blessing is a vital phenomenon. Through a guru one can look into his own future and can be aware of his own destiny. Through him one starts coming up like a seed trying to sprout towards the sky.

To pay gratitude and reverence to the enlightened master Osho, “Guru Vandana Week” was celebrated from July 15, Friday, till 21st, 2005, at Osho World galleria, BG-09, Ansal Plaza, New Delhi.

Renowned Dhrupad singer, Ustad Wasiffuddin Dagar, dedicated an evening of recitals during the inauguration of the week on 15th July 2005 at the galleria.

The artists of the newly formed “Leela Theatre Academy” performed skits of Mulla Nasruddin on 17th July, Sunday.

It was a celebration time for lovers and friends of Osho to meditate and celebrate lovingly the blessings of the guru.

A special one- day meditation event was being organised at Oshodham, a meditation campus, near Najafgarh on July 21, as a reverence to the master.

A full 3-day meditation camp followed the one –day event. The celebrations and meditation camp was facilitated by Swami Chaitanya Keerti, Editor, Osho World, where everyone was invited to meditate and celebrate. About five hundred participants took part in the meditation sessions.

“The word 'guru' is untranslatable. Neither does the word 'teacher' nor the word 'Master' have that beauty. In fact, the phenomenon of the guru is so deeply Indian that no other language of any country is capable of translating it. It is something intrinsically Eastern. The word 'guru' is made of two words, 'gu' and 'ru'. 'Gu' means darkness, 'ru' means one who dispels it. Guru literally means 'the light'. _ OSHO


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