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Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
Past Events
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Having this feeling in their hearts Osho disciples around the world celebrated Osho's birthday on December 2005.
The Master's Birthday celebrations began at Osho World Galleria, New Delhi on 5th December at 6.00pm and the week was inaugurated with celebrative Sufi songs rendered by Rashmi Aggarwal.
"Nanak's path to supreme realization, to godliness is scattered with song and flowers," says Osho. "Whatever he has said was said in verse. His path was full of melody and soft, filled with the flavor of ambrosia. Nanak says there is music at His door. No, music is His door."
Osho, the enlightened mystic of modern times, speaks of being in the world and yet not of it, of knowing life as a leela, a cosmic play. During the eighties, the Osho Ashram Theatre Group staged plays of Shakespeare in several cities. Audience and critics both appreciated them.
Osho, the enlightened mystic of the modern times, brought out the essence of Krishna as the symbol of all that is life affirmative, beautiful and celebrating. Krishna stands for "Samyama", that middle state where there is neither renunciation nor indulgence. Osho says, that although Krishna happened in the ancient past he belongs to the future, is really of the future. Man has yet to grow to that height where he can be a contemporary of Krishna's.
Eastern religions regard the “guru” or the “master” at par with God because he becomes the door to god-realisation. Mystics such as Kabir sing that he can even forsake God for Guru he showed the path to godliness. This is the ultimate relationship, an unparallel reltionship in human experience, between the master and disciple.
"Play of Clay", an exhibition of Studio pottery by Meena Vohra was launched at Osho World Galleria, Ansal Plaza the 8th of July. Renowned Odissi dancer Ranjana Gauhar and Ceramic artist P.R. Daroz launched the exhibition.
An oasis of calm in the chaos of the marketplace, the Zen-like aura of Osho World attracts first-timers and loyal followers alike. Even if you are untouched by Osho's philosophies, the mystical instrumental music playing in the background, books waiting for you to be discovered and numerous lifestyle items promise a relaxing and de-stressing sojourn at the outlet on the fourth floor of Forum.
Osho World Foundation, under its newly created banner for art and creativity, "Leela Arts Academy" presented Vijay Tendulkar's play "Panchi Aise Aate Hain" at Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Center on 16th and 17th June 2005. This play was staged earlier at Shriram Center on 23rd and 24th May 2005.
Osho World dedicated a week to the mystic poet Kabir from June 20th at the galleria. During the inauguration renowned classical vocalist Meeta Pandit dedicated a melodious evening to the enlightened master as she rendered the verses of Kabir to a houseful gathering. Acknowledged as the scion of the Gwalior musical gharana, Meeta Pandit is acclaimed as one of the most promising young musicians of today. Deep-rooted in the traditional eight-fold style of singing (ashtang gayaki), Meeta excels in the exposition, elaboration and interpretation of the intricate patterns of Ragas of the Khayal style, with all the variations, modulations and split second precisions. Acknowledged musicians of the day have been generous in showering praise for her music. She has emerged as a shining star in the world of classical music. Her melodious and robust voice coupled with intricate handling of ragas has won her admirers - young and the old alike.
Everyone knows him as the King of Punjabi Pop but very few know him as one of the most ardent admirers of Osho. During his recent visit to Osho World Galleria, New Delhi in July, this mega star of Punjabi folk music paid unstinted tribute to Osho.
Osho World Foundation is dedicated to the promotion of meditation and spirituality and devotes a week every month to the teachings of saints, mystics and sages. The Foundation is also making efforts to promote arts as an expression of meditation and creative energy.
LEELA is a beautiful concept. It relaxes you tremendously, absolutely. If god is in LEELA, then don't be serious and don't keep long faces; there is no need. Become more playful. Life is a sport. Look at life with the eyes of play, non seriously.
It was the occasion of Buddh Purnima on 23rd May05, when the whole world was busy in festivities a different kind of celebration took place in Shri Ram Centre of Arts.
Life is Education, Acceptance and Celebration! Keeping this aim in focus, a meditative camp was organized at Oshodham from May 25 to 29, 2005. Based on Osho's vision, a series of pulsating sessions was conducted and coordinated by Swami Chaitanya Keerti, Ma Dev Dakshina and friends.
Osho World galleria was rocked with uproarious laughter, on April 01, when April fools day, celebrated as Mulla Nasruddin day, in honour of the laughing Sufi mystic popularized by Osho in his discourses was inaugurated by popular Hindi humour poets Yusuf Bhardwaj, Rajesh Chetan and Poetess Ritu Goyal
“Ceremonial Bowls”, a collection of ceramics, was launched by Shri Devi Prasad, renowned veteran master studio potter, at Osho World galleria, Ansal Plaza, New Delhi, on 10th April 2005 at 6.00 pm.

“Ceremonial Bowls”, is the celebration of artistic expressions and for the first time 4 studio potters, Dipalee Daroz, Ela Mukherjee, Rahul Kumar and Abhay Pandit, have displayed their creations together at Osho World.
Osho World celebrated Mahavir Jayanti at the galleria on 22nd April 2005 by dedicating melodious evening with renown Violin player Asghar Husain.

Osho’s love for Mahavir is conspicuous by the volume of discourses He has spoken on Mahavir. In His discourses, Osho says, Mahavir was a very unique and rare flowering, a rare fragrance.
Bharatnatyam dancer, Ma Hina Bharti will perform at Osho World galleria on 24th March 2005, the concluding day of Enlightenment Week celebrations. Hina Bharti was groomed at the tender age of 7 years under the guidance of Smt. Jayshree Pillai, student of renowned Bharatnatyam acharya guru Parvatikumarji. Her first performance on stage was at the age of 14 years and followed by several other public performances in Mumbai.
A book authored by Ma Krishna Radha and published by Wisdom Tree, was released by Swami Vinod Bharti (Shri Vinod Khanna) on 22nd February 2005 at the Jaypee Vasant Continental Hotel.
His message to me - don't let anything distract you from your goal; pursue it aggressively.
Osho, the enlightened master of the modern times, gave many discourses on the oneness of the guru and the disciple. The relationship between a master and a disciple is one of the greatest mysteries of existence. The master is a universal consciousness who functions beyond time and space and the disciple is the vehicle of the master.
"Osho Mahotsav", a week dedicated to the punyatithi of Osho was inaugurated by renowned bollywood singer Prashant Samaddar. Shri Samaddar, of Fiza and Taal fame, flew from Bombay to Delhi specially to perform for Osho and Osho lovers at Osho World galleria, Delhi.

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