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Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
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Osho World Foundation, under its newly created banner for art and creativity, “Leela Arts Academy” presented Vijay Tendulkar’s play “Panchi Aise Aate Hain” at Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Center on 16th and 17th June 2005. This play was staged earlier at Shriram Center on 23rd and 24th May 2005.

Sanjeev Johri who is an Osho disciple directed the play.

All the four shows of the play were houseful with the audience enjoying every scene that was lace with comedy.

During the eighties, the Osho Ashram Theatre Group staged plays of Shakespeare in several cities. Audience and critics both appreciated them.

This play based on the ideologies of Osho truly deserves to be appreciated. This play beautifully depicts the importance of independence to the self in the life of an individual. It tells us how though self-respect and self-love comes a transitional period in life. An individual who lives his life in freedom cannot be confined into bondage at all. But at the same time he too deserves to be loved.

Arun, the protagonist and the narrator of this play entranced the audience with his unique ideology in such a manner that they were able to connect on the same level. And indeed with no doubts it can be said that he is quite mature in his acting skills. All the other actors too deserve appreciation for the characters impersonated by them. Their acting created such a massive impact on the audience that somewhere even the audiences feel the sympathy for characters. Such a thought provoking play is a must watch. It contains within itself a flow, reasoning, a solution, a viewpoint, a way with words, dialogues that reach the core of human heart, and satire on unnecessary rituals rooted deep in our society. This play depicts the agony of a family. At any point you must not miss an opportunity to watch such a play.

Osho's very vision of taking life as a play is the inspiration behind the creation of "Leela Arts Academy". Osho says, "One of the most fundamental secrets of the eastern teachings -- that life should not be taken as work but as play. God has not created the world... because the word 'creation' seems to be too serious -- he is playing. It is his leela, his play. The eastern concept is very simple, non-serious, more joyous... closer to the great beauty that surrounds -- the flowers, the birds, the rivers, the ocean. Everything seems to be in tremendous play."

Dr. Sanjeev Johri is a disciple of Osho and is inspired by Osho's message of being in the world and yet taking life as a play.

For Osho, laughter is an essential part of life. Osho says, "My approach towards life is that of laughter. And laughter contains love, laughter contains joy and laughter contains gratitude. Laughter contains a tremendous thankfulness towards God."

Osho World Foundation plans to have a series of plays in the near future


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