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Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
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Osho World dedicated a week to the mystic poet Kabir from June 20th at the galleria.

During the inauguration renowned classical vocalist Meeta Pandit dedicated a melodious evening to the enlightened master as she rendered the verses of Kabir to a houseful gathering. Acknowledged as the scion of the Gwalior musical gharana, Meeta Pandit is acclaimed as one of the most promising young musicians of today. Deep-rooted in the traditional eight-fold style of singing (ashtang gayaki), Meeta excels in the exposition, elaboration and interpretation of the intricate patterns of Ragas of the Khayal style, with all the variations, modulations and split second precisions. Acknowledged musicians of the day have been generous in showering praise for her music. She has emerged as a shining star in the world of classical music. Her melodious and robust voice coupled with intricate handling of ragas has won her admirers - young and the old alike.

Osho calls Kabir a life affirmative mystic. He never left his home, his wife, his children. He never went anywhere; he never went to the Himalayas. He lived in his home, just the ordinary life of a householder -- and yet became an enlightened one. He never escaped from any situation. He remained rooted in the earth. He was earthly and yet godly. And that is the highest synthesis.

Bringing out the essence of Kabir, Osho says, "Kabir is a mystic poet". He is a lover of life. He does not deny or negate, or condemn. He never sees anything bad anywhere.

"Kabir is one of the greatest mystics of the world. Meditate on Kabir -- pay attention to him, to what he says. And he is a very simple man, not learned in any way -- all that he says is out of his experience. He is not a scholar, he does not know anything about the Veda and the Koran and the Bible. All that he says is out of his own existential experience. He is not a theoretician or a philosopher; he is a poet. And not only a poet, he is a mystic poet -- and the difference is that the poet sometimes has glimpses of God, and then he falls back again -- rare moments of flight."_Osho

"From Rocks to Robes" a new range of Haiku textile collection and ceramics dedicated to the mystic Kabir was also be launched during the occasion. The Garments collection, "From Rock to Robes", by designers Bindu and Ranjan uses embellishments in the form of painted stylized human figurers, inspired by the rock-art of Vindhyas. Encased in elements of comfort and a soft feel, reflective of a serene inner being; clean and uncluttered lines with minimal accent, this collection is but a small tribute to Kabir - the weaver, and a philosopher. Earthy colors, white, ecru, charcoal etc. in natural fibers like cotton, linen and silks have been used in asymmetric hems for skirts, ponchos, flowing kaftans and meditation robes.

Bhimbetka located in Vindhyachal hills, 45 km south of Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh, is a collection of 400 caves with the richest repository of rock art in India. Thematically the cave paintings comprise of scenes of hunters and food gatherers or; the style of the figure range from naturalistic to being just a hint to even totally abstract. These paintings are one of the earliest form of art or creativity known to mankind as the early man, the cave dweller, used locally available natural dyes and created forms on rocks to express their thoughts or in an effort to document their daily life. The collection "From rocks to Robes", embodies the earliest form of Art - cave paintings, in a more contemporary redefinition.

"When Kabir goes to the market with a bundle of cloth to sell, he goes there dancing. He addresses his customer as Rama, his God, and tells him that he has woven this piece of cloth especially for him, that he has interlaced it with prayers. For him both the seller and buyer are God; it is God who sells and it is again God who buys. " _Osho


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