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Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
Past Events
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Osho world welcomes the season of spring with an exhibition of photography by Shefalii. The exhibition was inaugurated on 2nd March 2006 by Ma Krishna Radha, Meditation and Tantra teacher from Italy.

With spring comes flowers and with flowers comes romance. "Celebration of Spring" is an exhibition of photography that captures the photographer's romance with flowers.

Shefalii is an amateur photographer, who spends many hours with nature where she feels complete and one with the Supreme Being. Shefalii travels around the world trying to capture romantic moments through the medium of photography. Being an amateur photographer, she captures the essence from her heart and not through the science of photography.

When Shefalii is not living her passion, she is a banker by profession.

The launch was followed by the book reading and sharing of Osho's vision of the Art of Living and Loving by Ma Krishna Radha, (Radha. C. Luglio), who spoke on the art of transformation through meditation.


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