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Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
Past Events
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"Existence has not to be thought of in terms of a painter and his painting, because the moment the painting is finished, the painter and the painting become two separate entities. Existence has to be thought of only in terms of a dancer and his dance. You cannot separate them; the dancer and the dance are one. And at the highest peak of dancing, the dancer disappears into the dance--there is no dancer but only dance."

Kathak dancer Divya Goswami, an Osho disciple, lost herself in dance when she dedicated a specially choreographed classical item depicting a legend from the life of Gautam Buddha during the inauguration of Buddha Week at Osho World Galleria, New Delhi, in May 2006. The sheer grace, expression and presentation of Divya's Kathak dance held Osholovers spellbound. This was prayer in motion..


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