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Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
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Osho World Foundation presented Leela Arts Academy's latest production "Raja", a play in Hindi at Kamani auditorium, New Delhi on 7th and 8th April 2006 as a part of Osho's 75th birthday celebrations. Written by the Nobel Laureate, Gurudev Rabindra Nath Tagore and directed by Sanjeev Johri, the play was appreciated by the audience. Among the eminent guests present were Shri Vinod Khanna, renowned classical vocalists Pandit Rajan Sajan Mishraji, Dhrupad singer Ustad Wasifuddin Dagar, famous sculptor K.S Radhakrishnan and Humorist Surendra Sharma.

"To be creative is the most important religious quality. If you create a song, if you create music, if you create a garden, you are being religious." Osho

Osho, the enlightened mystic of modern times, speaks of being in the world and yet not of it, of knowing life as a leela, a cosmic play.

During the eighties, the Osho Ashram Theatre Group staged plays of Shakespeare in several cities.

Osho's vision of Aesthetics, Beauty and Creativity and of taking life as a play is the inspiration behind the creation of Leela Arts Academy which is a group of Osho disciples and friends, who love theatre, dance, music and other arts. "The really spiritual person transforms his whole life into acting. Then this whole earth is just a stage, and all the people are nothing but actors, and we are enacting a play. Then if you are a beggar you play your act as beautifully as you can, and if you are the king you play your act as beautifully as you can". _Osho

Director Sanjeev Johri is a disciple of Osho and is inspired by Osho's message of being in the world and yet taking life as a play.

In His discourses Osho has spoken of Rabindra Nath Tagore the very heart of this country words are a bridge between the modern mind and the ancient most sages of the world. Osho says Rabindranath lived a very beautiful and aesthetic life. He not only created beautiful poetry, but his life itself was a beautiful poem.

Inspired by a Jataka tale, Raja is the story of a king who has never been seen in the public. It depicts the journey of the human consciousness which originates from a mysterious source, and to which it must eventually return to.

'The greatest king is one about whom the people never come to know. The greatest king is one who goes on doing things for the people, but people think that they themselves are doing them, one who remains absent, who remains subtle." Osho

Rabindra Sangeet has been brought to our contemporary times by music director Subroto Das, masters in classical music from Shanti Niketan and is spreading the fragrance of Rabindra Sangeet for more than a decade.

Music was played live enhancing the experience of the audiences. The songs of this play have been originally translated into Hindi by Dr. Jalaj Bhaduri, a renowned writer and poet, based in Kolkata.

Jayati Ghosh, Samar Chakraborty and Navarun Bhattacharya sang the songs live during the play.

Saswati Sen choreographed the dances of this play and performers were from Kalaashram, the Kathak school of Pandit Birju Maharajji.

The sets have been designed by Snehanshu Mukherjee, an architect by profession, and is the son of the renowned theatre and lighting designer, late Shri Sitansu Mukherjea. Snehanshu has imbibed a lot from his father about the discipline of stage craft. He has earlier designed sets for productions like Hazar Chaurasi Ki Maa by Abhiyan, and others by Natyakal and Operama. The sets for the current production of Raja have been based on the aesthetics of Rabindranath Tagore's highly individual style of paintings.

The lights have been designed by Milind Srivastava who learned the skills of lighting since his childhood from his father. Groomed by Gautam Bhattacharya, he is the youngest lights designer in the theatre scenario. For the last 11 years he has designed lights for dance dramas and plays in India and abroad.

Osho has spoken in volumes on creativity as an expression of meditation. Creativity is essential for human living and essentially a part of meditativeness. Creativity is the sharing of joy and blissfulness, expressing the inexpressible that one attains through meditation. When a human being becomes meditative; aesthetics, beauty and creativity are natural outflow. Osho World promotes and organizes events with Osho's vision of ABC, i.e. aesthetics, beauty and creativity.

When I use the word 'poetry' it not only includes poetry, it includes all that is poetic: music, dance, sculpture, painting. Painting is poetry with colour. Dance is poetry with body gestures. Music is poetry with sound, just as poetry is poetry with words. Poetry is all-inclusive. It is equivalent to the world of aesthetics, beauty.


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