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Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
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"Spring Flowers", an exhibition of ceramics, by artist Anupama Jalan, was launched at Osho World on March 9th, 2006 as a continuation of the series of Art exhibitions being organized to celebrate Aesthetics, beauty & creativity.

Over the years, the Galleria has become known for its huge and eclectic collection of innovative high-fired stoneware - in a combination of functional as well as sculptural ceramics. On display are the works of several artists - both the seasoned, well known and the promising, up-coming ones;

The galleria manifests the vision of providing a platform to display various forms of art and creativity for the artists, and a place to experience beauty and aesthetics for the art lovers.

Anupama Jalan of "WHY Ceramics", brings together studio ceramics and candles, with the aim to emphasize the shift of traditional design towards a contemporary one in the section of utility pottery.

After working with some renowned artists like Lydia Mehta, she has now found her own expressions in the use of clay, working for the last 7 years, and has now started her studio in Kolkata. Her work contains a wide range of table-ware products, ranging from full dinner sets to accents such as dip platters, sauce boats, soup cups, serving bowls & platters of various sizes and other smaller utility items like mugs and cups with saucers. The essence of her work lies in the balance of colour and shape.

On display among others are ceramic candle containers with special candles. There is a wide range of glazes both in matt and gloss to appeal to each color palette. From bright oranges and red to matt black, earthy browns, greens, and even some metallic tones besides the pastel blues, greens and yellows- with such a variety of finish, color & forms , there is a lot to choose from, and candles to add up to a particular color theme.

Each season shows a new change... and for the forth-coming spring season, Osho World brings in a new series highlighting the simple, delicate and pure form of the Champa flower.

"Champa is one of the most beautiful flowers in India, one of the most fragrant. The fragrance has a certain quality in it: it is non-aggressive, it is very non-violent. It comes in such a way that you only feel that it is there. It is very indirectly there, its presence is almost synonymous with absence. And that is the beauty of it: it does not declare itself, it only whispers. That's the way of love and that's the way of god too".
The collection includes tableware, candle containers- giving you a chance to bring in the garden flora indoors. There is also an additional complimenting range with the lotus motif. The colour scheme for this collection is muted beige, greens, browns and black with the flower in a striking red or white. The collections are truly an endeavor to bring aesthetics and art to our daily life, providing pottery for everyday use


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