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Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
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Sufi week celebrations at Osho world galleria

Sufi singer Satinder Sartaj inaugurated the celebrations which was followed by sufiana qalaams by the singer and his group.

Sufism is the essential core of all religions. Sufism cannot be defined. It simply means a love affair with the ultimate. Bringing out the essence of Sufism, Osho says, "Sufism is the art of removing the hindrance between you and you, between the self and the self, between the part and the whole."

Sufism is a rare kind of magic. It cannot be transferred by scriptures. It can be transferred only from person to person. It is a transmission beyond words.

Satinder Sartaj, as a child developed a taste for the pristine Punjabi folklore and the sufiana qalaams though seemingly it was not within his conceptual grasp. However an intense yearning to learn and imbibe the rich mysticism of sufiana music dominated in his educational career. Following the dictates of his inner soul, Satinder concentrated on his sufiana musical career having done his M. Phil in Sufi gayan and is pursuing a doctorate in Sufi gayan from Punjab University. With a view to have an intimate feel of the divine effulgence and mystic experiences of the greats like Jalludin Rumi , Shams Tabrezi from Iran , Satinder had secured a diploma in Persian with distinction. Reveling in the glory of the mysticism of Baba Farid, Bulle Shah, Sultan Bahu, Shah Hussain and others, the accomplished singer Satinder Pal had just recorded an album of Sufi gayan being released shortly.

Sufi Week continued at Osho World until 1st October 2007.

"Sufism is a special kind of magic, a rare kind of magic. It can be transferred only from person to person, not from a book. It cannot be transferred by scriptures. It is also just like Zen -- a transmission beyond words. The Sufis have a special word for it -- they call it silsila."



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