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Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
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Tathata: The total acceptance

An unique exhibition of art forms inspired by Gautama the Buddha

"To mark Buddha's message to humanity, "Tathata: the total acceptance", an unique exhibition of various art forms was inaugurated at Osho world galleria, BG-09, Ansal Plaza, New Delhi on 4th May. The inauguration was with a kathak performance, especially choreographed for the occasion by Divya Goswami.

Divya GoswamiDivya GoswamiDivya GoswamiDivya Goswami

The exhibition was on till 18th May 2007.

Gautam the Buddha is a giant leap in human consciousness. Compassion is the true flowering of meditation. Osho has given deeper insights on the path shown by Gautama the Buddha. Explaining the essence of Buddha, Osho has spoken as if he was one with Buddha. Osho said the path of Buddha is the path of total surrender: total surrender to the Dhamma, to Tao, to the universal law, to existence.

Divya GoswamiDivya GoswamiDivya GoswamiDivya GoswamiDivya Goswami
The exhibition was an eclectic collection of:
  • Buddha Sculptures by artist Vineet Kacker who is known for his love for Buddhist theme; His work is anchored primarily in the Indian sources of inspirations - Himalayan art iconography, Stupa and shrine architecture; a reflection of his education as an architect. His work walks a path between the meditative and the playful, responding both to the sacred and the profane, exploring their inter-changeability. The work tries at a basic level to achieve a visual balance by combining and contrasting seemingly opposite characteristics - glazed and unglazed, gloss and matt, bright colors with muted earth tones.

  • Sketches on ceramics by Dipti Gupta who interprets various hand mudras signifying deeper meanings, as etchings on ceramic pots and plates, using her favorite technique of 'graffito'; Also explores the buddha form, mantras and songs and other symbols of buddha such as the lotus, buddhapada. Descriptions of the significance of each is also explained with every piece of work.

  • Begging Bowls in ceramic by Monica Agnihotri who combines the begging bowl concept with different symbolisms available in Buddhism; The begging bowl, or alms bowl, is one of the simplest but most important objects in the daily lives of Buddhist monks as it is an important symbol of the Buddha's teachings on nonattachment

  • Paintings by Prince Chand, a Mumbai based young artist, making his presence felt in the art world very rapidly.
    Complimenting these are Copper plates with Buddha image in relief, framed in Wood and Ceramic base. Buddha heads are also available collected from varous sources.

Kathak exponent Divya Goswami is a disciple of Guru Yogini Gandhi who herself is a disciple of Pt. Birju Maharajji. Have taught in the Kendra started by Guru Yogini named Kala Nidhi Kathak Kendra for six years, Divya has entailed a number of journeys across the country giving performances.


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