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Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
Past Events
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Unio Mystica: Celebrating Osho's message of deathlessness

"Unio Mystica" celebrating Osho´s message of beyond birth and death, was inaugurated at Osho World galleria on 18th January, 2007, with Violin concert by Anjuli, a Canadian artist and a piano performance by Anuradha.

"Osho. Never Born. Never Died. Only Visited this Planet."

Osho lovers celebrated the eternal message of their beloved Master who left this planet on 19th January, 1990 with meditation and events in New Delhi and various cities.

A 3-day meditation camp was also conducted at Oshodham in New Delhi from 19 to 21 January facilitated by Ma Dharm Jyoti. Similar camps were conducted in other cities of India.

Osho says: "Existence is continuous, it is a continuum. There is not a single moment's gap in it. No death is death, because every death opens a new door--it is a beginning. There is no end to life, there is always a new beginning, a resurrection. If you change your sadness to celebration, then you will also be capable of changing your death into resurrection. So learn the art while there is still time.&

Osho World paid respect to the enlightened mystic Osho during the week from 18 to 24 January, 2007 through daily meditations and events. Osho World Galleria, Ansal Plaza hosts an hour long session of Nadbrahma meditation, daily starting at 10:30am. Every evening, 6pm is the time for silent meditation accompanied by Osho Discourse, at the galleira.

The evening of 18th January saw the initiation of this celebration through music - violin by Anjuli and the Piano by Anuradha sent the packed crowd into a journey of bliss and joy.

Anjuli Otter began violin studies at the age of 8 in her hometown of Vernon BC, Canada. Over the years Anjuli has been blessed with countless opportunities to use the musical gifts God has given her and has performed and competed throughout Canada and the US. She has recently completed her Performance Diploma (ARCT) through the Royal Conservatory of Toronto, and has been teaching privately for the past 5 years. Anjuli has had much experience performing with orchestra, chamber groups, rock bands, as well as solo and her passion for music and teaching has brought her to India to discover "new horizons".

Anuradha is an accomplished pianist beginning her musical journey 13 years ago with the renowned pianist Brian Silas. Through the years she has silently persevered her music. She attributes her piano learning to her teacher Johnny Raphael who was earlier the prinicipal of Delhi School of music and now teaches at the Korean School. Teaching piano since then has been not just a musical but a spiritual journey for this Osho lover. Anuradha says -I play for my master, my Gurur, Osho, who is my inspiration for music and life. Music, she says, takes her into a different space and her audience claim that she truly becomes one with the music once she is on the instrument. Her music school, Sanskriti International Music School, has been her offering to her teacher and has seen almost 100 students learn and experience the joy of music with her. She teaches them not just to play the piano, but ear trains them to experience the music and praise the music.

The evening saw the two artists perform together for the first time. Having met only a day in advance, with no rehearsals, the two artists displayed a unique chemistry. The evening saw people amalgamate music with meditation and the evening ended with dancing and a standing ovation to the artists.


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