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Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
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April Fool's Day - No, Mulla Nasrudin Day!
Marks Osho World's Seventh Anniversary
Surendra Kumar Sharma

Osho World Foundation celebrated its seventh anniversary on Sunday, 1 April with rocking laughter as the well-known Hindi poet Surinder Sharma rocked everyone with rip rollicking laughter.

"Osho. Never Born. Never Died. Only Visited this Planet."

A unique hilarious twist was added to the timeworn April Fool's Day when Osho World Foundation was inaugurated in 2000 and 1st April was declared as Mulla Nasrudin Day in honour of this laughing mystic. Ever since, 1 April has been celebrated with humour and laughing meditation at Osho World galleria in Ansal Plaza and this year was a special event with Surinder Sharma attracting a large number of his avid fans among the Osholovers.

But who is this Mulla Nasrudin? Replies, Osho, "Born in Iran, Nasrudin is a Sufi mystic, a little crazy, but always tremendously wise. "To be Mulla Nasrudin means two things: Be foolish in your wisdom and be wise in your foolishness. It is a very great contradiction. Be wise in your foolishness and be foolish in your wisdom."

A henpecked husband, the Mulla is always terrorized by his wife and Surinder Sharma rose brilliantly to the occasion with an unending string of hilarious incidents about the escapades of the Mulla. He spared no one by linking his jokes to the current social mores and the latest news of Bollywood actors and politicians. In his inimitable style of keeping a straight, serious face while relating the most hilarious incidents, he had the audience in splits. His original take on the gods and goddesses and even mating birds delighted all. In between, his satire on the home truths about the raw deal for the common man had everyone thinking about today's quagmire. A jam-packed Osho World Galleria in Ansal Plaza had over one hour of uninhibited laughing meditation that has proved so popular with all Osholovers.

The first seven-year cycle Osho World has progressively shared Osho's vision and insights with an ever-increasing number of people who find him more relevant now than ever before. Some milestones in this period are: Osho World portal on the Net with free downloading of his discourses, two monthly magazines in Hindi and English each, a daily telecast of Osho discourses on ZEE Jagran TV channel and a broadcast on World Space radio network, an Osho World galleria in Kolkata, an Osho Bookshop in North Delhi and a number of cultural events with a spiritual dimension staged on the main auditoriums of the capital with top notch artistes and national leaders in addition to a regular stream of cultural events every month at the Osho World galleria. Most satisfying is the fact that the more and more young people are attracted by Osho's vision, said Swami Kul Bhushan, speaking on this occasion.

In the true spirit of Osho, laughter dominated this event. Osho concludes, "Buddha's message in short is: Be a light unto yourself. And mine? Be a joke unto yourself! Being a joke unto yourself, you will be a bliss for everyone."

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