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Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
Past Events
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A Celebration of Colours and Forms
Osho World Galleria presented an exhibition of Ceramic Vases, from 17th till 30th April 2007. The exhibition featured work by several artists- Rachna Parashar, Vineet Kacker, Sweta Mansinghka, Dipti Gupta, Monica Agnihotri, Rahul Kumar, Reyaz Badruddin besides this year's AIFACS awardees Meena Vohra and Shruti Bansal. With such a huge participation, the exhibition was an eclectic and wide collection, a plethora of colors and styles as each artist creates magic in his or her own corner. The collections draw inspiration from various themes of nature, and explore a variety of techniques such as smoke firing, Raku, wheel work, slab work, hand sculpting.

Bharatnatyam dancer Pratibha Prahlad launched the exhibition at the galleria on 17th April.

Bringing out the essence of Osho's message, Pratibha Prahlad said, "Osho said that all art is either subjective or objective. Subjective art is what you see around, like you see a painting, you hear music or you see a dance performance. Its what is in the mind of the artist, his talent and what shape he gives to his ideas, like a potter does or a dancer does. But Osho said that in objective art, you become a flute, a hollow bamboo and you let the music of the universe flow through you."

"That is what is so beautiful about his sayings because he says, you don't create art, you are art itself, you are a piece of art. Most of us who don't have such kind of a kinship with the universe and with the divine, don't know what it means because we always first think of the other, the creator as one and we as the other. But if you are the creator, you are the artist, you are the art form itself as you are the art. Then the whole universe will sing and rejoice and celebrate with you and that is what Osho's message is to dance, to sing, to rejoice and to celebrate life because there is nothing beyond life."

This exhibition was only a beginning to the series of exhibitions lined up for this year at the galleria, based on distinct themes. Look forward to the next presentation - "Buddha"; followed by Krishna, Tea ceremony, amongst others.

Osho World Galleria at the Ansal Plaza is a unique concept where books, audios and creative products are available in a serene environment under a single roof. Apart from being a center for all information related to Osho, the Galleria is a place that makes art available at an affordable price to the art lovers. In its attempt to offer a lifestyle of meditation and creativity for the modern man, Osho World organizes various meditation workshops, art exhibitions, and creative performances every month. Alongside a huge collection Osho Discourses in Books and Audios, the Galleria, offers various Life-style products such as candles, ceramics, glass, stone, wood, silverware, Steel and other metal-ware along with Haiku, their Garments collection.

"The only way to be one with the creator is to be in some moment of creativity, when you are lost. The potter is lost in making his pottery; the potter is lost while working on the wheel. The painter is lost while painting. The dancer is lost; there is no dancer, only the dance remains. Those are the peak moments, where you touch God, where God touches you."


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