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Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
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Osho Film Fastival

The 3-day Osho Film Festival by Osho World Foundation in New Delhi from November 30th to December 2nd, marking Osho Birthday celebrations concluded on a celebratory note. Films depicting the vision of Osho were screened ranging from His life, the commune and meditations. Some eminent personalities who are lovers of Osho were present to watch these films. . The 400 capacity auditorium was packed with Osho disciples, friends and lovers all the 3 days. It was a beautiful experience for people who have not met the master while He was in the body. Long time sannyasins could renew the energy they felt with Osho.

This film shows how only 5 years after the foundation of the ashram, visitors came in thousands and in the newly erected Buddha Auditorium, Osho gave His breathtaking discourses to an assembly of a few thousands Sannyasins and the gathered world press. The ashram had become the largest and most important spiritual growth centre in the world and included facilities like a bookshop, a carpentry workshop, a medical unit and a huge canteen. More then a dozen therapy groups from Zen to Encounter and Tarot reading were happening daily in the sound proof therapy chambers. This is the last extensive documentation of the ashram before Osho left India for the US.

One of Osho's cameraman, Berlin film maker and producer Niskriya, has made the most comprehensive documentary on Osho and his ashram - a masterpiece that does not leave any question on Osho unanswered. Never before was Osho portrayed in such a sensitive way. The first part of "Freedom is Your Nature" shows the enormous importance of meditation in personal growth.

In this second part of Freedom is your Nature, Osho speaks clearly about the actual situation on this planet and the responsibility that each individual carries for the misery of this world.

This film describes the most thrilling story of modern religious consciousness in an unprejudiced way - the raise and fall of Rajneeshpuram, the utopian city of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh in Oregon USA.

Brilliantly investigated documentary by an Australian film team, produced one year before Osho left his body, gives us an in-depth view into the ashram and the work of a spiritual master. It tells the story of Matthew, an Australian husband, who decides to travel to the Osho ashram in Poona to find himself. The film team goes with him. One feels that they did not just make a film hiding behind their cameras and keeping themselves aloof and distanced but that they themselves went through a growth experience. Mathew returns back to Australia to his wife and daughter as a new man from Poona

This is a film biography of Osho. It includes countless pieces of unreleased footage. This documentation takes us to Osho's place of birth Kuchwada in central India as well as to the places where he grew up, studied and meditated in his early life. We see previously unknown pictures from his time as professor at University of Jabalpur and as orator to multitudes of more than 50,000 people. There is a thorough documentation of the time in Poona and the Ranch in Oregon USA. As well as the ensuing abduction by the agencies of the US Government. After his deportation from the US and the odyssey of the world tour through 21 countries, we return to Poona where Osho's life is documented until he leaves the body on January 19th 1990.

On 19 January 1990 Osho leaves his body after a long sickness due to his poisoning by the US- Government in 1985. His body was brought to Buddha Hall the same evening so that his Sannyasins could give him a send off. Later on his body was carried to the burning ghat and the river near the ashram and cremated in a large celebration with all his Sannyasins. This very touching film was made on that evening when Osho's personal physician Amrito declared Osho's leaving the body and announced his last words to his Sannyasins about His Samadhi.


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