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Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
Past Events
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The 3-day Osho Film Festival by Osho World Foundation in New Delhi from November 30th to December 2nd, marking Osho Birthday celebrations concluded on a celebratory note. Films depicting the vision of Osho were screened ranging from His life, the commune and meditations. Some eminent personalities who are lovers of Osho were present to watch these films. . The 400 capacity auditorium was packed with Osho disciples, friends and lovers all the 3 days. It was a beautiful experience for people who have not met the master while He was in the body. Long time sannyasins could renew the energy they felt with Osho.

"The Awakening" an exhibition of Paintings on Lotus by Sanjib Saha was inaugurated at Osho World galleria, BG-09, Ansal Plaza, New Delhi on 7th December 2007 by Ceramic Artist Rachna Parasher and Photographer Dushyant Parasher.
A 5-day meditation camp was conducted at Oshodham, to celebrate Osho's birthday from December 7 to 11, 2007. The meditation camp was conducted by Ma Dharm Jyoti and Swami Vairagya Amrit. Renowned multi-instrumentalist Prem Joshua and his band conducted Natraj Meditation and Stop Dance with live music on 9th and 10th December, followed by live music during Sandhya satsang and concert at night.
Mevlana silver collection especially designed and crafted for Osho World celebrates innovation and creativity in an unbound surrounding. It is an enchanting collection of exquisitely crafted Silverware. An ode to the warmth of a flame the flame of hope & knowledge, this collection essentially revolves around lighting arrangements.
Poetry and music of Sufi mysticism transcended the narrow confines of religious confrontation to bring together all faiths at Osho World Galleria on 25th September 2007 at the opening of Sufi Week celebrations...
"Music of the Samovar" a collection of Tea Kettles and accessories, in various shapes and sizes was launched at Osho world galleria, BG-09, Ansal Plaza on 17th August 2007 by Shri Rajeev Lochan, Director, National Gallery of Modern Art. The exhibition was on till 31st August 2007, seven days a week from 11 am till 8 pm.
The week was inaugurated by Padma Vibhushan Sonal Mansingh on 28th August at 6.30 pm who launched the new Haiku Home collection of Cushion covers dedicated to the colours of lord Krishna. Osho's discourses on Lord Krishna was highlighted with his books and audios.
Indian culture places 'Gurus' who impart knowledge, in par with the Gods. Acquiring that knowledge of the ultimate truth forms the basis of a mans future. Paying gratitude to a guru is like paying gratitude to truth, knowledge and invaluable experiences.
Celebrating life, a meditative camp was conducted at Oshodham from June 27 to July 01, 2007. In this unique camp for children and parents, more than 150 people participated. Based on Osho's vision, a series of pulsating sessions will be conducted and coordinated by Swami Chaitanya Keerti, Ma Dev Dakshina, Swami Anand Amit and friends.
To mark Buddha's message to humanity, "Tathata: the total acceptance", an unique exhibition of various art forms was inaugurated at Osho world galleria, BG-09, Ansal Plaza, New Delhi on 4th May. The inauguration was with a kathak performance, especially choreographed for the occasion by Divya Goswami.
Osho World Foundation celebrated its seventh anniversary on Sunday, 1 April with rocking laughter as the well-known Hindi poet Surinder Sharma rocked everyone with rip rollicking laughter.
Osho World Galleria presented an exhibition of Ceramic Vases, from 17th till 30th April 2007. The exhibition featured work by several artists- Rachna Parashar, Vineet Kacker, Sweta Mansinghka, Dipti Gupta, Monica Agnihotri, Rahul Kumar, Reyaz Badruddin besides this year's AIFACS awardees Meena Vohra and Shruti Bansal...
"Lotuses of the Inner Garden", an exhibition of Mandala paintings by Ma Prem Shashi (Clio Mitchell Farnham from England) was opened at Osho World galleria, BG-09, Ansal Plaza on 23rd March 2007...
"Unio Mystica" celebrating Osho´s message of beyond birth and death, was inaugurated at Osho World galleria on 18th January, 2007, with Violin concert by Anjuli, a Canadian artist and a piano performance by Anuradha.

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