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"Lotuses of the Inner Garden"

An exhibition of Mandala paintings by Ma Prem Shashi (Clio Mitchell Farnham)

"Lotuses of the Inner Garden", an exhibition of Mandala paintings by Ma Prem Shashi (Clio Mitchell Farnham from England) was opened at Osho World galleria, BG-09, Ansal Plaza on 23rd March 2007. The inauguration was a unique experience for the small gathering at the galleria, when Ma Shashi enthralled them with whirling to Sufi music.

Osho says, "The mandala is one of the mythological symbols. It has been recurring all over the world. In old Christian paintings it is there. In old Tibetan paintings it is there. In Chinese, Japanese and Indian art the circle has a fascination. Somehow, when your sight becomes circular, when it becomes a current, joined together, undivided, you begin to see a circle in your vision, in your dreams. That circle represents your reality. In the same way, all symbols represent inner subjective realities. And if a society gives a particular shape to a deity, it becomes very helpful. It becomes very helpful for the seeker because now he can decode many inner visions."

On display are the signed, limited edition giclée prints which are technically mixed media pieces. The original mandalas are all first hand-drawn in pencil, working out from the centre (or, in a few instances, in from the circumference), on a grid of three, or more, concentric circles and a number of radiating lines. Beautifully titled as Birth of a new religion , Birds who have flown, Fanaa, Lotus of the inner garden, The wheel of hours, and Circle of lovers, each mandala is a creation of love and meditation.

"A person should be sufficient unto himself. What I mean by meditation is a state of being where a person is sufficient unto himself. You have become a circle, alone. The mandala is complete."


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