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Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
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The Awakening

"The Awakening" an exhibition of Paintings on Lotus by Sanjib Saha was inaugurated at Osho World galleria, BG-09, Ansal Plaza, New Delhi on 7th December 2007 by Ceramic Artist Rachna Parasher and Photographer Dushyant Parasher.

The paintings depict the various forms of the lotus. Osho says, "The lotus is a symbol of great significance. The whole religious approach towards life is contained in this simple symbol. The lotus represents the transformation of man from body to soul, because the lotus is born out of dirty mud.

If you look at dirty mud it is unbelievable that a lotus can be born out of it. The lotus is the most beautiful flower in the world and comes out of such dirty mud! There seems to be no logic in it, it seems illogical. It is a quantum leap, the mud becoming lotus. And if it can happen that mud becomes a lotus, then man can become god. Then man can also have a quantum leap, a jump."

Sanjib Saha is a noted Delhi based visual artist and has been exhibiting his works since 1989.In his 20 years of an exciting visual journey through various genres of design, his works have been published and collected in India and abroad.


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