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Kabir Day celebration at Osho World galleria

Kabir Day was celebrated at Osho World Galleria, BG-09, Ansal Plaza, Khelgaon Marg, New Delhi on 18th June 2008 at 6.30 pm.

Classical singer Rashmi Agarwal rendered Kabir's devotional songs on the occasion.

Well known scholar, political analyst, orator and columnist Shri Ved Pratap Vaidik, was also present during the occasion.

Meditation bells in ceramic created by studio potters Monika Agnihotri and Ambar Agnihotri was launched.

Osho is a contemporary mystic whose clarity, insight and humor have touched the lives of millions of people around the world. In many of His discourses He has spoken extensively on the work and life of Saint Kabir.

Though Kabir lived several centuries ago, Osho creates a bridge with him. Through his own innately musical expression he enhances Kabir's message, rendering it accessible and relevant for every contemporary seeker

Osho says, "Kabir is a celebrant. He celebrates all-all colors of life, the whole rainbow of it. What he is going to say to you is not philosophy but pure poetry. It is not religion but a hand beckoning, a door half opened, a mirror wiped clean. It is a way back home, a way back to nature."

Kabir is life-affirmative. That too is an indication of a real man of understanding

Osho explains, "Kabir's Words are unique. It is difficult to find a mystic like Kabir in the history of the whole world, because he is raw, uneducated; whatever he says, it has no way of coming from the scriptures. He is quite unacquainted with the scriptures, he has no treasure of great value in words. The words he uses are of the marketplace, of the day-to-day use. But in those words he has poured everything, which even for the seers of the Upanishads has been difficult to pour in all their purest of word forms".

Adds Osho, "Kabir is one of the greatest mystics of the world. Meditate on Kabir - pay attention to him, to what he says. And he is a very simple man, not learned in any way -- all that he says is out of his experience. He is not a scholar, he does not know anything about the Veda and the Koran and the Bible. All that he says is out of his own existential experience. He is not a theoretician or a philosopher; he is a poet. And not only a poet, he is a mystic poet -- and the difference is that the poet sometimes has glimpses of God, and then he falls back again -- rare moments of flight."

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