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Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
Past Events
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Krishna Week celebration & launch of “Colors of Love”
As the elusive monsoons played a naughty game of hide and seek…the sun and the clouds fought for a place in the same sky...Osho World celebrated the pitter pa tter of raindrops in praise of the Lord of Love, with its collection dedicated to Krishna.

Eminent Odissi dancer, Padma Vibhushan Sonal Mansingh, inaugurated “Krishna Week” and launched “Colors of Love”- an exhibition of paintings, enamelware, ceramics and home textiles- on 19th August 2008 at 6.30 pm with a “Baithak” (dance excerpts) depicting various moments and episodes from the life of Lord Krishna.

“Krishna is painted as blue. One of his names, Shyam, simply means blue, the blue one. He is represented as blue, painted as blue, metaphorically. It is a symbol that he is a love god, that he represents love and the depth of the inner soul.” _OSHO

No one has taught to mankind the art of love- divine love the way Krishna has.

Blue is the color of depth and silence…the color of the sky and sea; and green is the color of growth and tranquility. Blue brings with it the eternity and green a serenity; the two things that love shall bring to ones being.

Osho World introduced a vast collection based on this theme- Paintings, Ceramics, Enamelware and Home Textiles. The collections rejoice with the harmony of colors as each piece carries with it a feeling of stillness and vastness. The beauty rests in the fact that the artists have created this mood of enormity even in a small product. As always the emphasis is on the creative element, the uniqueness of technique, the eye for details – all a result of the high level of involvement of the artist or designer in every piece. On display are collections by ceramic artists such as Monica Agnihotri and Ambar Agnihotri. Paintings by Painter Surabhi Bali and Haiku Home Textiles created by Osho World design team.

All through the week till 25th August 2008 the galleria resonated with the words of Osho, the Master, whose each word is a jewel that will evoke a sense of calmness and joy for all at any time.

“Krishna is utterly incomparable, he is so unique. Firstly, his uniqueness lies in the fact that although Krishna happened in the ancient past he belongs to the future, is really of the future. Man has yet to grow to that height where he can be a contemporary of Krishna's. He is still beyond man's understanding; he continues to puzzle and battle us. Only in some future time will we be able to understand him and appreciate his virtues.” _OSHO

About Surabhi Bali:

For Surabhi, her art is a journey of self discovery. According to her it has lead her through a process of evolution and made her realize that 'within' and 'without' are actually the same.

Surabhi says, “I paint formlessness of the expression. The lines are subtle though far from silent. The Colors are pulsating and the textures very vocal. They speak their own language. A language that, at times, I too understand only once the finished piece stands staring at me.”

A commercial artist by qualification, a visual merchandiser by choice, Surabhi is an artist by instinct. She lets her instinct guide her line after line and color after color.

Besides painting, she loves writing poems and enjoy an occasional fling with clay which transforms itself into a sculpture or a piece of pottery.


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