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Osho Meditation Camp conducted at Atlanta
The friends of Osho in the Atlanta area recently held a three day Osho meditation camp. Swami Anand Arun of Osho Tapoban, Nepal, conducted the camp for the nineteen participants.

The Atlanta camp was an intense experience with the first meditation of the day beginning at 8:30 am and the camp day ending around 9 pm. During the camp, Swami Arun explained that Osho had experimented with a variety of meditation techniques to discover which methods are most helpful to people living the Western lifestyle. Realizing that Westerners need activity first before being able to quiet the mind, Osho designed what has become known as Osho Dynamic Meditation and Osho Kundalini Meditation. Both of these meditation techniques have several action stages followed by silence and celebration. Swami Arun led Dynamic and Kundalini several times during the camp. In addition, he also introduced some lesser known but very powerful meditation techniques suggested by Osho. He explained that the techniques are not meditation but are tools designed to lead one to the silence that is true meditation.

Interspersed between the meditations, Swami Arun told many stories about his personal experiences with Osho – recollections about Osho that only the earliest sannyasins experienced. Hearing these stories allowed the camp participants to see the immensity of Osho’s awareness and compassion and the difficulties that he faced in order to bring more love and celebration to the world.

Swami Arun talked about the need for a disciplined life in order to support meditation saying that without discipline one cannot be truly free. Distilled from Osho’s lectures and satsangs, he shared that proper care of the body and mind is a prerequisite for going deep into meditation. He also emphasized the importance of having a regular time to meditate and the value of friends who support a positive and meditative lifestyle.

Besides the meditations, the camp provided ample time for celebration which included dancing, talking together and eating delicious vegetarian food. A highlight of the camp was the opportunity to become an Osho sannyasin. Five friends were initiated into Osho’s neo sannyas. The friends of Osho welcome guests, usually on Sundays, for either Osho Dynamic Meditation or Osho Kundalini Meditation. The schedule and location for these and other Osho gatherings, as well as pictures taken at the camp, are available at www.oshoatlanta.com

From Atlanta,
Ma Abha


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