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Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
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Disciple Day Celebrations and Launch of "Black & White" Exhibition
"Disciple Day" was celebrated with a musical performance by percussionist Suchet Malhotra and launch of "Black and White" exhibition of ceramics on 12 February 2008, at 6.00pm, at Osho World Galleria, BG -09, Ansal Plaza, Khelgaon Marg, New Delhi.

This day is dedicated to disciples and their love for the master. February 12, is the birthday of Osho's first secretary Ma Yog Laxmi who was the epitome of a disciple on the path of self realization..

Suchet is a percussionist performing on tabla, djembe, cajon, def, didgeridoo, darbouka and udu amongst a repository of drums and instruments that represent world cultures. He is based in New Delhi, India at his ancestral home where classes, rehearsals and jams take place.

"Black and White", exhibition of ceramics by artists Monica Agnihotri, Ambar Agnihotri, Arun Mukhuty, Shweta Mansinghka & Ela Mukherjee was a celebration of art as an expression of meditation

A subtle interplay of black and white in perfect harmony coupled with a clean and minimalist look pervades through every product. Bringing out the essence of black and white, Osho says "Man is dialectic. The height and the depth, the black and the white -- all are together. Rather than creating a conflict, create a harmony, a music. Use both in such a way that they are not fighting, but become part of an orchestra."

Black & White collection Natural and simplistic, this collection comprised of various stories in ceramics. This exhibition was on till 29th February, 2008

A disciple is a rare phenomenon. He is one who is so surrendered to the master that even if the Master gives death as a gift, he will receive it with great gratitude. Osho says that the whole art of disciplehood is to be able to disappear, to become absent, not to be. "when the ego is completely gone -- any moment the ego is gone -- instantly, something from the heart of the master jumps into the heart of the disciple. It is not that the master gives it; it is not a thing to be given. It is not that the disciple takes it; it is not the thing to be taken. It simply happens!"

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