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Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
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Buddha Week Celebrations & Launch of "The Way of the Buddha" Collection

“A Buddha is a man whose heart is full of light; a Buddha is one who has become a flame, an eternal flame which cannot be extinguished. Now it is bound to dispel darkness”, says Osho.

To spread this message of Buddhahood, Osho World celebrated "Buddha week" coinciding with Buddha Purnima from 5th to 11th May, 2009 at Osho World galleria, BG-09 Ansal Plaza, New Delhi.

"The Way of the Buddha", a collection of clothing and textiles and ceramics dedicated to Buddha was launched at the galleria on 5th May 2009. Products like Buddha candle and platters in ceramic and cushion covers and stoles were launched.

Each product is not just an object- it is an expression of love, of a sublime feeling, it is creative - potent with knowledge & beauty, taking inspiration from the teachings of Osho and the vision of other mystics. In keeping with the Osho s vision of simplicity, this collection is essentially minimalist in design, the emphasis being on simplicity of line and form, the collection is a culmination of creativity with artistic workmanship. The collections rejoice with the harmony of colors as each piece carries with it a feeling of silence and vastness.

"The Way of the Buddha" celebrates creativity as an expression of meditation. It is a celebration of Beauty in its simplicity and serenity.

"The way of Gautama the Buddha is the way of intelligence, understanding, awareness, meditation. It is not the way of belief; it is the way of seeing the truth itself. Belief simply covers up your ignorance; it does not deliver you from ignorance. Belief is a deception you play upon yourself; it is not transformation."





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