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Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
Past Events
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Osho Meditation Camp In Oshodham, New Delhi

Guru Purnima was celebrated in Oshodham on 7th July. It became a festive affair with about 300 Osho lovers joining in the celebrations. A meditation camp was organised from 3rd to 7th July and conducted by Swami Chaitanya Keerti. On this occasion 12 people were initiated into neo-sannyas. Guru Purnima is the celebration of a disciple’s gratitude and his explicit faith in his Guru. It is the occasion when a disciple pays his respects and expresses his reverence towards his Guru.

Osho says Guru Purnima Day is the day of all the Buddhas, all those who have become aware. In their remembrance, become aware. The grove is here in front of you. You can see that luminous light. It is here! You can hear that celestial sound; that music is happening. And you can be soaked into my fragrance. It depends on you -- how much you are ready to take, how much you are willing to take, how much you are going to be with me, how deeply.

The month of July began in Oshodham with ‘Osho Meditation Camp’ conducted by Swami Chaitanya Keerti from 03rd to 07th July followed by a two-day camp ‘Taste of Meditation’ conducted by Ma Dev Dakshina and Swami Anand Amit. ‘Osho Meditation Camp for Youth’ was organised from 10th to 12th of July.

A four-day ‘Meditation Intensive’ was conducted by Swami Avinash Bharti and Ma Dev Dakshina from 13th to 16th July.

Osho says,
“Life should be lived with as much wholeness as possible.
That's the only way to live, to love, and to have a good laugh in the end.
And don't be worried about what is right and what is wrong.”

Following the ideology of living life to the fullest is the meditation camp ‘Live, Love, Laugh’. This camp was facilitated by Swami Kul Bhushan from 17th to 19th July.

‘From Medication to Meditation’, a three-day camp held in the 3rd week of July was facilitated by Swami Atmo Ninad. ‘Living Tao’ was conducted on 23rd July, facilitated by Ma Dev Dakshina and Swami Anand Amit.

As the month of July was drawing to a close the camps ‘Be a Joke Unto Yourself’ and ‘Osho Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language’ facilitated by Swami Ravindra Bharti were ongoing at Oshodham.


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