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Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
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Laughter Day at Osho World Galleria

Bursts of laughter greeted the new year at Osho World galleria on January 1, 2009. Renowned humorist poet Shri Rakesh Soni with his light touch inaugurated “Laughter Week” and regaled the audience with gales of laughter.

Osho’s approach towards life is that of laughter. Osho says laughter contains love, joy, gratitude and a tremendous thankfulness to God. “In deep laughter, suddenly trees and birds and animals, and the sky and the earth, join together with you. It is an invitation, an opening.”

Sharing His insight Osho says “Laughter is truly religious. Religion remains dead without a sense of humor as a foundation to it. Laughter is prayer. If one can laugh one has learnt how to pray. Only a person who can laugh, not only at others but at himself also, can be religious. A person who can laugh absolutely, who sees the whole ridiculousness and the whole game of life, becomes enlightened in that laughter. When the laughter comes from the heart one can immediately feel a different vibe -- an overflowing. That man is really happy”.

Developing a cordial repartee with the receptive audience gathered at the galleria, the poet recited verses that dripped satirical social comment and stimulating insights.

Osho World Foundation organizes “Osho World Laughter Day” every year on January 1, to begin the New Year with laughter, joy and playfulness and celebrate every moment throughout.

“When the laughter is really authentic, a belly laughter, when your whole body throbs with his orgasmic energy, when the laughter spreads on all of your being, when you are simply lost in it, you are open to God.”


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