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Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
Past Events
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Mulla Nasruddin Day at Osho World Galleria
Born in Iran, Nasruddin is a Sufi mystic, a little crazy, but always tremendously wise. "To be Mulla Nasruddin means two things: Be foolish in your wisdom and be wise in your foolishness. It is a very great contradiction. Be wise in your foolishness and be foolish in your wisdom. You should be aware of the fact that Mulla Nasruddin is a Sufi device. It is to make you clear that life is wise in its foolishness. And when you try to be wise you become a fool. The greatest wise people are like fools. And the greatest foolish people are those who pretend that they are wise. If you have to choose, choose the fool and you will become wise. Don't choose to pretend wisdom, otherwise you will become a fool. - OSHO
April 01, 2009 was celebrated as Mulla Nasruddin, the laughing Sufi mystic popularised by Osho in his discourses, at the Osho World Galleria, BG-09, Ansal Plaza, in a rip-roar manner on April Fools Day renamed as Mulla Nasruddin Day which also happens to be the birthday of Osho World galleria.

Well-known humour poet Surendra Sharma led a jam-packed Galleria into laughter for more than an hour. The chuckles turned into full-throated laughter and then into uncontrollable guffaws as he related tantalizing jokes.

The event started off by setting the stage with Mulla jokes in Osho's inimitable style. The laughing momentum will be maintained in the ensuing Mulla Nasruddin Week till 7 April.

At 6 p.m. every evening laughter meditation will be conducted at the Galleria as Osholovers will share rip-roar jokes of the Mulla. These Mulla jokes have a deep spiritual message.

"Seek & Surrender", an exhibition of terracotta, by Shweta Mansinghka was also opened on April 01 as a continuation of the series of Art exhibitions.

It is a series about the inner quest that we go through in our beautiful journey of life. We seek and then surrender. Osho says, "One should seek salvation through surrender; not by effort but by prayer. Ride on the energy of god. You need not make any effort; you can simply allow him to possess you, and that is enough." In this collection, various figurines depict different postures of a seeker. One figurine depicts a meditating figure hailing existence, while another is seated in the lotus posture. Every being has their own unique ways, paths or methods in quest but we find ourselves only when we “Seek & Surrender”.

Shweta Mansinghka is a Delhi based ceramic artist who began her journey with clay in 1989 and has been trained under Shri Ram Kumar Manna of Calcutta and learnt pottery Shri Devi Prashad in Delhi.







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