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A View from a Spiritually Resurgent Russia

I had never imagined I will ever get a chance to visit Russia. But it all happened as I was invited by the All Russia Internationl Adwaita Congress to present Osho Vision and Osho Meditations, July 14-18,Moscow. The Osho Winds Meditation Center in Moscow also was instrumental in my visiting Russia and presenting Evening Satsang with the Master as well as a Meditation camp and Guru Purnima celebration (July 19th-26th).It was totally like entering into the unknown -- and yet it carried a feeling of great excitement.

The Congress (read Conference)was indeed a great task and a lot of effort went into in organizing this level of an event.The atmosphere was friendly,loving,and respectful.It ended with a grand finale with grace and hospitality.

At the final event, the background on the screen included wonderful photos of beloved Osho along with several other spiritual masters mostly from India as well as from Japan. All in all,it was worth attending the Congress and presenting Osho Vision and Osho Meditations.

Reflecting on this experience,I feel that contrary to how popularly it is viewed,the urgent need of the time is not really a non-stop deluge of information, but rather a comprehensive integration -- an internet of finding true meaning,a global search for wisdom. This is precisely what I found the Adwaita Congress tried to accomplish in Moscow.

It also became apparent to me while interacting at the Congress that, true, people crave for money and power all around the world but there are many who look for inner growth and peace, love and spiritual wisdom. There are many who yearn for a fusion between the finest forms of human achievements and the deepest core of spirituality -- a vision as presented by Osho, that can shape a more harmonious and integrated world.As envisioned by the enlightened beings of East and West such a visionary fusion can bring about a global renaissance and usher the emergence of what Osho calls -- a "New Man". I could see the Congress as taking not just one small step but a giant leap in this direction!

Overall, this wonderful visit made me ask: what keeps consciousness in motion? And it took me not too long to recall Osho's reminder -- Love. Without Love consciousness may be a force but not a healing force, not a creative force, not a universally applicable force. As I am a witness to my visit to Russia, love is motion, movement, growth. Consciousness may be a reality but love gives it a momentum -- without it consciousness remains a static reality and not a dynamic energy.

So here I am, sharing it all -- from Russia with Love!!

—Swami Satya Vedant



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