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Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
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Celebrating Guru Purnima on a High Note

To celebrate Guru Purnima, a noted singer Leepikaa Bhattacharya led Osholovers into a meditative space at the Osho World Galleria on 20 July 2010. A talented vocalist, Leepikaa has been in the field of live performance music since 1998 all over India. Leepikaa received early exposure to the intricacies and the nuances of vocal training, under the able guidance of the renowned singer Padmashree Shanti Hiranandjee for many years. Shanti Hiranandjee is the disciple of the legendary Thumri singer Begam Akhter. Leepikaa has released two albums of her bhajans in devotion to Lord Krishna.

With her melodious, meditative and captivating voice, Leepikaa Bhattacharya started off paying homage to the enlightened master, Osho. Yearning and devotion were the two most major emotions that were evoked in these 'bhajans'. Later, she moved on to celebration with 'kirtan' and invited everyone to join in with clapping and finally, dancing. The evening ended on a high note.


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