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Gurdjieff Movements: Non Action Through Action

Given very precisely by Gurdjieff as a powerful tool for growth, the practice of movements creates exceptional conditions for transforming the body –machine into a place where the forces of intelligence, heart, and action can freely expand, through the development of a certain quality of attention and relaxation.
Gurdjieff Movements: Non Action Through Action, a 2-day workshop is being conducted at Oshodham by Ma Prem Amiyo on April 03 and 04, 2010.

Ma Prem Amiyo gave a talk and video presentation of Gurdjieff Movements, at Osho World galleria on the evening of March 30, 2010. The presentation was followed by a question answer session.

Ma Prem Amiyo aka Amiyo Devienne is originally a dancer, choreographer, dance teacher and dance therapist, trained in several psycho-corporal techniques, in Esalen Institute (USA), in African dance in Douala (Cameroon), in contemporary dance in France. Amiyo Devienne studied Gurdjieff movements with Avrom Altmann, direct student of John G. Bennett, and with Deborah Rose and James Tomarelli, also students from the "Bennett-lineage".

Amiyo lived many years in India, in the international commune of Osho, where she created a unique synthesis between the eastern and western visions of dance, and where she learned the stillness of meditation.

Since 1989, Amiyo dedicates her life to this path, under the guidance of Selim Aissel.

For 30 years now, she travels worldwide, sharing her experiences on movement, as a science, as an art, as a tool for inner –development, for both, amateurs and professionals and in 2002 she taught at Carolyn Carlson Institute “Accademia Isola Danza”.

Amiyo is actually leading several seminars internationally: in London, in Madrid, in Rome, and Sicily, in Munich and Nurnberg, in New Delhi and Dharamsala in India, in Moscow and St Petersburg in Russia.

Choreographer, she created and directed more than 50 performances, whose 30 were of Gurdjieff movements. She has also opened her school in Alsace, France, where she offers initiation and training in Gurdjieff movements, as well as dance –therapy-expression seminars.


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