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Krishna Week celebrations inaugurated by Sonal Mansingh

As the elusive monsoon, sun and the clouds play a naughty game of hide and seek, Osho World celebrated the pitter patter of raindrops in praise of the Lord of Love- Krishna, as Krishna week.

Eminent Odissi dancer, Padma Vibhushan Sonal Mansingh, inaugurated “Krishna Week” on August 26, 2010 at 6.30 pm with a “Baithak” (dance excerpts) depicting various moments and episodes from the life of Lord Krishna.

The evening began with lighting of the lamp by Sonal Mansingh, followed by a discourse on Krishna by Osho. Osho’s discourses on Krishna and the Geeta, titled “Geeta Darshan” in 8 volumes has been a best seller and very popular with the youth. This series of talks in the form of books and audio has had maximum downloads over the last 10 years on www.oshoworld.com. True in the sense that Osho, in his discourses, 30 years ago, said that the relevance of Krishna lies in the future.

“Krishna is utterly incomparable, he is so unique. Firstly, his uniqueness lies in the fact that although Krishna happened in the ancient past he belongs to the future, is really of the future. Man has yet to grow to that height where he can be a contemporary of Krishna's. He is still beyond man's understanding; he continues to puzzle and battle us. Only in some future time will we be able to understand him and appreciate his virtues.”

No one has taught to mankind the art of love- divine love the way Krishna has.

All through the week, the galleria will resonate with the words of Osho, whose each word is a jewel that will evoke a sense of calmness and joy for all at any time.


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