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Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
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Meditation Events - Tapoban

Meditation Camp in Europe with Swami Anand Arun.

This April Swami Anand Arun was in different cities in Europe to conduct Osho meditation camps, satsangs and facilitate sannyas celebrations. Here is a brief report.


After the formal inauguration of Osho Subham Meditation center in Eltham, South East London, a meditation camp was organized there during 9-11 April in which 35 friends participated. Shubham is now open for everyday meditation, weekly and monthly meditation camps. On 13th a one-day event was organized at Bostor Manor, at Ealing, London. All together 22 friends took sannyas during this visit.

Czech Republic, a volcation camp.

Czech republic was not on the list of the countries where the meditation camps were supposed to be conducted this year. However, while on his way to Norway, Swami Arun had to take a short volcano-vacation in the beautiful city of Prague due to the eruption in Iceland. Coincidentally, a few friend affiliated to Tapoban were already organizing a 21 days dynamic meditation program in Prague and invited Swamijee to speak on Osho and His Sannyas movement. On 16th April, all the twelve friends who attended the satsang program were inspired and decided to take sannyas. The volcation surprisingly turned out to be a meditation camp in disguise.


During 22-25 April, a meditation camp was organized in the serene environment of Meenwenven, Holland. With a beautiful gathering of 47 friends, the camp was focused on opening one self to the new dimension of love for the master. Everybody liked Swami Arun's simple and open way to take participants into meditation with gratitude for the Master. The camp's energy heightened with celebration when 9 friends were initiated into Osho's Neo-sannyas. On 20th April, afternoon gathering was also organized at Osho Aakash Meditation Centre at Soest where friends from Mevlana commune and Wajid center and other sannyasins gathered.

On 26th Sw Arun along with friends visited Osho Humaniversity located at Egmond ann Zee in Holland. Swami Anand Veeresh who is the leader of the centre welcomed them. It was a meeting for two old friends and Swami Arun and Sw Veeresh both remembered the beautiful days with Osho and shared about the Osho movement.Sw Veeresh invited Sw. Arun to conduct a meditation camp in Humaniversity in 2011 and also Sw Arun also invited Sw. Veeresh to do a group at Tapoban. Sw Veeresh will visit Tapoban on Jan 2011 for the same.

On 26th evening, Sw Anand Arun was also invited to visit Venwoude community living center. This community is a unique experience of living together in diversity of spiritual practices and teachings. This community is founded by an Osho Sannyasin, Sw. Ted and is open for all spiritual school and masters. Sw Arun answered questions and shared his vision on the teachings of Ramana Maharshi, Osho, Buddha and Aurobindo.A evenings satsang and celebration was also organized and was attended by the community members.

Likewise, on 27th April, Sw Arun was invited to visit Mevlana Osho commune at Amsterdam.This is the oldest Osho place in Holland where sannyasins live in a community and participate in meditation. Sw Arun was interviewed by a television about Osho, His vision and the movement.

(reports from Germany will be published in our next issue)

3 days meditation camp in Tapoban
(26-28 April)

Swami Govinda Narayan Bharati facilitated a three-day meditation camp in Tapoban during 26-28 April. With a participation of 70 friends, the camp commenced from the evening celebration on 26th April. Regular Osho techniques along with a few sharing sessions were conducted during the three days. Beautiful friends from Maurititus, India, Russia, Sweden, America, Italy and Nepal participated in the camp. The camp concluded with 10 new friends taking initiation into Osho-Neo Sannyas.


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