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Proof of Osho’s Insight: Nanak Attained the Ultimate by Just Singing

Japnit’ in Gurumukhi means to remember the name of the lord at all times. The ten-year old daughter of Mr and Mrs Gurvinder Singh lived up to her name at the opening of the Nanak Week at Osho Galleria in New Delhi last month.  Very confidently and with a shy smile, she sang two ‘shabads’ on this occasion that marked the birthday of Guru Nanak Devji.  She has been learning classical music and this was her maiden performance that was well appreciated by Osholovers gathered at this venue.

Ragi Gurmeet Singh, the younger brother of the famous Bhai Baljeet Singh, then plunged everyone into deep meditation just by listening totally to the Namdhari kirtan with his depth and devotion. Bhai Baljeet Singh and Gurmeet Singh Namdhari are considered to be one of the top devotional singers in this musical genre. They perform in India and abroad and have a number of their recordings on the web. Supported by their unique musical accompaniments in the form of ‘Tar-shehnai’ and the percussion ‘tabla’ they held everyone in a meditative trance for over an hour.  It’s their years of practice and devotion that comes through loud and clear.  The enlightened master Osho says that Nanak attained the ultimate by just singing. Here was solid proof of this.



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