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Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
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New Osho Book Shop, Surat

Osho Bookshop, was inaugurated in Surat, commonly known as the diamond city in the state of Gujarat, on October 03, 2010. The shop was inaugurated by Swami Anand Swabhava, where more than 700 sannyasins and lovers of Osho gathered to celebrate its opening.

The ambience of the shop is meditative and a beautiful gathering place for sannyasins which also serves as an information centre and provides facility for demonstration of Osho meditation techniques. It houses Osho books in Hindi, Gujarati and English, Audio-Video discourses, robes and gift items.

The Bookshop is a gift to Osho lovers and sannyasins by Osho Lotus, a foundation of Osho Sannyasins in Surat that organizes Osho related activities i.e. Exhibitions, Camps, Events & Celebrations in and around Surat.

Osho Lotus is very soon launching a portal for online shopping and information on future meditation camps and events.


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