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Osho Meditation Retreat with Swami Satya Vedant

ATLANTA - Sept 30, Oct- 1, 2 & 3, 2010

Read the newspapers and there is violence and chaos. Watch your favorite TV show and there is violence and chaos. You finally decide to escape and retreat into meditation and there is at least chaos in your mind. How can we find peace and tranquility and with an extra bonus of love? Osho, the Master of inner change provided the Atlanta community with Swami Satya Vedant to facilitate our path to quietude through dance, jokes and laughter, meditation, food, and wisdom.

Osho tells us to have courage! When you jump into the Osho Meditation Camps all kinds of wonderful things will happen. In Atlanta we had our second camp of the year at Lake Acworth. The fall weather was conducive to sharing our Indian culinary delights outside near the beach and communing with nature. During one of the retreat sessions, Swami Vedant had us choose a tree to talk to. Maybe that sounds silly, but as I leaned over the tree and the branch supported my body; I became aware of how good it felt to have this external support. Of course I realized that the more I am able to go inwards and meditate, the more I will not need an external support.

Ridding the chaos in our minds takes place through Osho's incredible meditation techniques. Feel the need to scream at someone or something around you? Want to shake off all the stress? Osho has designed over 200 meditation techniques based on western psychology and eastern traditions to help us shake loose the "garbage" that surrounds us on a daily basis. Need to get rid of the tension in some additional way? How about some good jokes and high energy dancing? At the camp we danced until some of us fell down in a state of exhilarated exhaustion! Swami Vedant facilitated all of this using the teachings and energy of Osho.

Does the violence and chaos in the world and in your personal life burden you with continuing questions about the meaning of life and how to let things take their natural course? The Buddha says that when you become still, wonderful things will happen. Meditation is the path to becoming still. This is the happiness of the Buddha. We spent the time with Swami Vedant meditating, using various techniques to quiet the mind.

After experiencing an Osho Retreat Week with Swami Vedant (who created a safe and caring environment for us), I can say that I experienced becoming still at times, effulgent at other times, and just down-right happy most of the time!
Jai Osho,


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