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Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
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An Osho Meditation Experience with Swami Satya Vedant

23rd-26th Sept, 2010, Mount Pocono, PA

For all the seekers in New York , Philadelphia and Connecticut , this September began with the hopes of diving deeper into meditation and ended with a beautiful 3 days Osho meditation camp conducted by Swami Satya Vedant. The trees were just beginning to change from green to orange and the beautiful hills of Mount Pocono were once again flowering with maroon-clad sannyasins playing in the lush green turfs and singing Osho songs around the camp-fire by the lake.

Each day in the camp would begin with intense Osho Dynamic meditation , become interesting during the afternoon sharing sessions with Swami Vedant and then it would culminate into a White-robe evening satsang with friends singing and swinging in joy, hugging and sharing love and ecstasy.Swami Vedant guided the meditations shared his experiences with Osho and took us deep into meditation.It was a great learning experience for all of us. Another happy moment during the retreat was to see Osho video discourses in big projector screen.Watching Bhagwan walk slowly with his loving smile and a 'namaste', all this mesmerised all of us and added to the magic in the meditation hall there.

The vegetarian food during lunch and dinner with fruits and salads was liked by all.During the camp, Osho Sadhana Center started a new idea of a sales corner for seekers to buy robes ,maroon shawls,Osho books, meditation cds, discourse cds and Osho pictures and many seekers bought robes and books to help the Center grow.

The last day of the camp was vibrating with high energy. It was Sannyas celebration and joy and ecstasy was in the air. 4 new seekers were initiated into neo-sannyas. It was a very beautiful celebration , the vibes of which are still touching my heart. The 3 days meditation camp was a deep experience in meditation, something that has become so rare in a busy city like New York.

We at Osho Sadhana Center thank Sw. Vedant for accepting our invitation to conduct Osho meditation camps here for the people of New York and helping us create an oasis amidst this vast desert.



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