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Laughter Day at Osho World Galleria

On January 01, Osho disciples and friends welcomed the New Year with laughter and a special meditation session at 6.00 pm at Osho World Galleria in Ansal Plaza.

Osho World Foundation organizes “Osho World Laughter Day” every year on January 1, to begin the New Year with laughter, joy and playfulness and celebrate every moment throughout.

Osho says: "My definition of man is that man is the laughing animal. No computer laughs, no ant laughs, no bee laughs. If you come across a dog laughing you will be so scared! Or a buffalo suddenly laughs: you may have a heart attack. It is only man who can laugh, it is the highest peak of growth."

Laughter is also a spiritual quality, beneficial to body mind and soul. And once and for all, medical science has recently announced that laughter is good for health. Psychologically and spiritually it was always an established fact that laughter is good for health. Now it has been proven scientifically that genuine laughter increases endorphins.

Osho has given some instructions for daily laughter meditation:
"Every morning upon waking, before opening your eyes, stretch like a cat. Stretch every fibre of your body. After three or four minutes, with eyes still closed, begin to laugh. At first you will be doing it, but soon the sound of your attempt will cause genuine laughter. Lose yourself in laughter. It may take several days before it really happens, for we are so unaccustomed to the phenomenon. But before long it will be spontaneous and will change the whole nature of your day."

In the world of Osho, laughter is very sacred - it is like a daily prayer.


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