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Absolute Yes

A special energy, a strong vibration and a distinct aura gathers around a master. The disciples flow and melt into this energy field and become one with the master. Open and receptive, the disciples imbibe the message of master in deep silence.

A packed house at the Osho World galleria experienced this phenomena during the Disciple Day Celebration at Osho World galleria, New Delhi, in February. The event was in memory of Ma Yog Laxmi, a totally surrendered disciple of the enlightened master Osho who was also his secretary for many years. A special 35-minute documentary – Life is Just a Play - tracing her spiritual journey of absolute surrender to the master was premiered during this event. Created by Osho World Foundation, this visual tribute to Ma Yog Laxmi, who always referred to herself in the third person to disconnect her identity from her physical body, touched all who were present whether they knew about her or not.  Osho talks about the surrender of a disciple like Ma Laxmi in the film, Osho described her as ‘Absolute Yes’ as his Buddhafield pervaded all over.

In this magnetic-field, the renowned Dhrupad maestro, Ustad Wasifuddin Dagar , gathered ten of his women disciples and embarked upon a music Odyssey into the unknown. This unrehearsed, uncharted and unplanned musical repartee enveloped everyone into deep meditation. Just the notes, without any words or any major accompaniment, it all started slowly and gracefully, increased its intensity with a regular tempo and rhythm, maintained the basic beat with a graceful flowing style and tapered to a soothing end. The ten disciples were merged as one and the master seemed not to be there and yet guiding them. It was a divine experience.

About a disciple and master relationship Osho says, “The first step is that of a student, curious but still a spectator, far away, collecting information, knowledge. The second step is that of a disciple, no more a spectator but a participant, no more interested in knowledge but tremendously interested in knowing. And the third step is that of a devotee, utterly one with the Master, partaking of his being, drinking out of his inexhaustible source, drunk -- drunk with the divine.” 

Watch film on Ma Yog Laxmi Life is Just a Play


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