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Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
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Aspirations Collection launched at Osho World galleria

Aspirations is series of studio pottery created by artist Shweta Mansingka.

The pieces represent each individual in their unique journey to achieve their aspirations, always changing and moving ahead to better oneself. You can place them as you like and they become a different story. Placed together they are inspired in a group or enriched by different teachers and companions who come into their lives, or they can be placed separate looking inwards, alone introspecting -they all aspire to move ahead. Each ones journey of life is unique, sometimes together yet always alone, a quest for fulfillment.

Shweta is fascinated by clay which helps her express thoughts in a physical form. Clay is moldable and yielding but goes through fire to become stronger and time enduring, its very nature intrigues her  and she enjoys the never ending learning process and journey with clay. 
She has been fortunate enough to have some amazing teachers and guides along the way, like Shri Ram Kumar Manna and Shri Devi Prasad and have taken part in exhibitions in Delhi and Kolkatta.

Available at:
Osho World galleria


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