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"Jai Shree Osho Krishna!" at Krishna Week Launch

“Jai Shree Osho Krishna!” is how the renowned dancer and doyen of Indian culture, Sonal Mansingh, launched the Krishna Week celebrations at Osho World Galleria last month. 

Sonal Mansingh is an eminent Indian classical dancer, choreographer, teacher, orator and a social activist. She was the youngest recipient of Padma Bhushan, in 1992. In 2003, Sonal became the first Indian woman dancer to be awarded with Padma Vibhushan. For contribution to classical dancing and promoting Indian culture.  

A packed house was enthralled by her one-hour poetic presentation of the life and total; devotion of Meerbai of a royal family in Rajasthan who abandoned all the luxuries to devote her life in search of the Supreme Lord.

With unmatched fluency in English, Sanskrit and Hindi, Sonal Mansingh related the emotional attachment of Meerabai interspersed with sionging the famous bhajans in Hindi and one in Gujarati. She was accompanied by three very expert musicians who enhanced her presentation. It all ended on a high note as she went into deep meditation of chanting OM, climaxing with full throated blowing of a conch to an enamoured audience.  In this recital, Sonal Mansingh became Meerabai.

Duration: 5:42 Mins



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