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Music Becomes Meditation at Nanak Week

Osho says that Guru Nanak sang so earnestly and so fervently that he attained enlightenment. This is how he starts his classic discourse  Ek   Omkar Satnam explaining the Japuji Sahib. This series delivered in Hindi has been translated into English and Gurumukhi to become his most loved not only by the followers of Guru Nanak but by all who want to know Guru Nanak. Renowned author and an authority on the Sikh religion, Khushwant Singh, has written that he came to understand Guru Nanak with these Osho discourses.

Bhai Baljeet Singh and his party presented holy 'shabads' at Osho World to mark Nanak Week last month. Bhai Baljeet Singh and his brother were so totally attuned with each other in classical music that it seemed that two bodies have one soul. They were ably assisted by accompanists. This enabled all listeners to dive deep into mediation and experience the flavor of Guru Nanak.

Twelve-year old Japnit Kaur who is learning classical music sang three 'shabads' in a very devotional manner and was well applauded for her diligence and calm poise.

Duration: 7:08 Mins


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