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Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
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Flutist Reno Schulz dedicates an evening of unusual music at Osho World

Osho World celebrated Osho Day (dedicated to Osho’s leaving the body-Mahaparinirvana, on January 19), with unusual music at Osho World galleria on January 17.

Reno Sahaj (Reno Schulz) is a flute player from Germany living in Italy. His music is freestyle fusion.

Although his schooling is in  western classical flute music, he has a unique style of playing accompanied with vocal sounds. He plays a variety of flutes in different styles, from traditional western flutes to the unusual Fujora flute, a very rare overtone base flute from Slovakia. Used since ancient times in Slovakia to communicate from village to village, it is also used by the shepherds in Slovakia because the Fujora flute has a deep calming effect of the sheeps and it is said that once you have listened to the sound of the Fujora, you will never forget it. This  performance gave the taste of a very special flute sound which was not heard or played usually in India.

The question is not of physical closeness, the question is of understanding what happens in the presence of a master. Your heart starts beating in the same tune as your master's heart. Your being starts having the same song of silence as the master's being always has. These are the ingredients that bring you close to him. If you can manage these two things... you may be on another planet, it will not make any difference. It has nothing to do with distance. -OSHO



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