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New Year's Top Priority

India needs reforms to ensure our security and dignity of its women first. Economic reforms can come later. This is the urgent priority of the dark new year just ushered in.

Every year Osho disciple and lovers celebrate January 01 as laughter day. This year it was different at Osho World galleria, Ansal Plaza, New Delhi. The event started with meditation and silence for awareness against rape and brutality.

At this critical moment in our lives, let us join hands with our youth in their unrelenting efforts to bring fundamental changes to make this nation safe and dignified for our women to make this country a civilized humane nation.

A great nation, the birthplace of enlightened masters who showed the path of love and non violence to the world, today hangs its head in shame and disgrace. The teachings of the great masters of India- Krishna, Mahavira, Buddha, Meera, Nanak and many more, - seem to have gone waste.
Global media holds the government inefficient, incapable and inept and also blames the callous attitude of Indians for rapes and insensitivity to women.

India is engulfed with multiple issues in all dimensions of the nation. Everything seems to have gone wrong and needs correction. Fundamental changes are needed in our laws, policing, education, social and religious attitudes.

Osho says, “The world has never been before at such a critical moment. If a great release of religious consciousness is not made available, man is doomed.
But I hope that religious consciousness is going to prevail, that man will pass through this dangerous moment and will come out of it far superior, far higher, far more humane.”

Proposals for Change:

  1. Police Reforms
  2. Legal Reforms
  3. Educational Reforms to teach human behavior
  4. To make security and dignity of each citizen, especially women, a fundamental right
  5. Psychological education including meditation at grassroot levels.

Duration: 1:44 Mins

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