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Osho World:Meditation Zone



Over the years Osho has responded to hundreds of questions about meditation, asked by people from all over the world, from all kinds of backgrounds, and with many different levels of experience and understanding. Here is a selection.

1. What is meditation?
2. Will meditation help me to be happy
3. What will meditation do to solve my problems
4. Is meditation for me
5. How does Osho's approach to meditation differ from that of TM
6. Is there a connection between sports like running and meditation? 
7. What about Yoga
8. What are Active Meditations
9. Does Osho recommend sitting meditations like Vipassana
10. Is it possible to meditate without any technique
11. What is the role of therapy in Osho's approach to meditation? 
12. What is the relationship between consciousness and energy
13. Are Osho's meditations dependent on his presence
14. Why has Osho given so many talks
15. What is the purpose of these talks?


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