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3. Osho Silence Retreat - Discover Yourself In Silence Osho Silence Retreat is an invitation to seekers to explore the world of Silence within. It has been designed to discover the meditative space within us, shifting the energy from chaotic state of mind into Silence.

“Mind in silence allows the greatest experience of life, the arising of a new phenomenon -- witnessing.... Witnessing is as deep as you are, as existence is. It is the deepest point of life in existence where one simply watches what remains to watch: a tremendous silence, a great joy, a beautiful existence surrounding you, and a deep ecstasy -- a song without words and a dance without movement. Witnessing is the ultimate experience of religion.”

- Osho


- Each day will include four sessions of group silence sittings.

- Active meditations will help release suppressed emotions and accumulated energies leading to a state of Silence.

- Participants will stay in silence during this period.

- The daily program will start from morning 5:00 AM till 10:00 PM.

This retreat is for meditators who have been practicing Osho meditations for some time and have attended few meditation programs.


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