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Interview of Swami Satya Vedant during International Conference at School of Management Studies, Varanasi

Duration: 25:19 Mins

Well I am first of all delighted , I congratulate to the organizers, to the universities, for planning and having this kind of a meeting, where people can bring different perspectives where there is a kind of a confluence, what we call in Hindi Sanskrit "Sangam". There is the confluence of the material, the spiritual, the intellectual the intuitive all these things are being looked at from various angles and I think this is the remarkable step in making things understand that we are part of one whole. We are not divided, we can become one, the unity is only the matter of our perception, and how do we see that. The mind divides but the spirit unites so this is something that uniting principle that spirituality has brought us together. 

KK: Osho also, he brought spirituality to the fore, from the books, from the scriptures to the practical reality and made it accessible to people. And people started thinking about it, so, from the philosophy, with the spiritualism the way he started, to the way management school is attempting it, is there any connect and is there any solution.
Swami Satya Vedant : There is , definitely and I am glad, that you mentioned that, you see, basically we are only concerned about and only know two centers. One is the mind and the other is what we call the spirit. There is a third center also which is known as the heart. Does not mean the biological heart, there is an energy called the heart energy or the love energy. What Osho has done is, he has brought together the understanding of what this mind is all about. Mind is an important thing there is nothing wrong with it, but to be slave of the mind, is where things go wrong. Instead of we becoming the master, the consciousness becoming the master, mind has become the master that is where the disaster happen. So, first thing is, mind is important because for practical reasons, it is useful, heart is important, because in the relationships, we are living in the world of relationships, we cannot conceive our lives without relating. Either with parents, children, society or friends and there is a third one consciousness. Consciousness means how to become more aware, awareness means? How to become aware of our unawareness. We have all patterns, likes, dislikes, conditionings; they are controlling us. An aware person becomes aware of that unawareness. And Osho has tried to give us an understanding how to become aware of our unawareness and meditation is the way. There are only two options agitation or meditation. We are always living in agitation, but there is always a room for meditation and then he adds the third element celebration, life is to be enjoyed life is fun it has not, to be taken very seriously. So meditation, celebration and contributing something to the world. The way we have come to the world, we should leave it a little better than how we have found it. Then, it makes something. So creative energy, has to continuously flow through the meditating and celebrating process.

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