Osho World Online Magazine :: April 2012
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We are born out of sex, and whatever is born has to die. In this sense, sex, birth and death are aligned together like instruments in an orchestra. In the Tantra approach to life, whatever exists within human experience is used a portal into deep meditation. For example, some practitioners of Tantra in India, will meditate where the dead are cremated, facing the biological fact of death and all that can be learned through it. Through this type of practice, sex is transcended. Other Tantric adepts enter meditation through sex, thereby transcending death. (These types of practices are deeply esoteric and require rigorous training.)

In Tantra it is known that by embracing any two opposites, in that point of meeting, Godliness will be experienced. Following this universal truth, if you would like to manifest anything, move with awareness into it’s opposite. As we explore sexuality with sensitivity, regarding it as a sacred transmission, we can more easily learn the deeper secrets it contains.

In China, a lineage of Tantric women has discovered a potent elixir for immortality contained in male semen. These women have refined their art to such an extent, that they are able to remain absolutely youthful, long into what would normally be considered to be old age. After absorbing semen into their skin through a special practice, they meditate on the realm of the immortals and are transported beyond the confines of ordinary physical laws.

And likewise, it has been known for centuries in India and China that if a man is able to catch the moon-flower essence of woman, or Amrita, (poetic terms used to describe female ejaculation) in his mouth, he is guaranteed longevity.

This makes sense, for these potent physical elixirs are what makes human life on earth possible. The ancients believed that sex was sacred and worthy of the highest esteem. And they were right. Tremendous study went into perfecting the art of sexual love as a gateway to the Gods.

Anyone who has been in love, knows the feeling of living in a ‘love bubble.’ You have connected, however briefly, with a sense of immortality. When people come back after a near death experience, they also report melting into a space of absolute and unconditional love. This timeless ocean of unconditional love is our true home. However, we are not aware of it because we identify with the conditioned mind and all it’s past and future projections. When we are fully present in the moment, we become available to oceanic reality.

Tantric Masters, have discovered how to pierce through the apparent reality, also known as Maya, (illusion) into eternal reality, that ocean of bliss from where we come and to where we return. They call this, Mahamudra, meaning the great gesture, arising out of the ultimate orgasm with the universe. Opening ourselves to Mahamudra, we realize that which is never born and never dies. We discover the dimension of immortality. The body is the ‘holy of holies’ being a portal for infinity.

- Ma Ananda Sarita

Osho World Online Magazine :: April 2012
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