Osho World Online Magazine :: April 2013
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Energy By Swami Deva Rashid

Swami Deva Rashid's life started when he took sannyas in 1977. In Poona One he worked as Osho's vegetable gardener. On the Ranch he spent a lot of time in the Pot-Washing room and the Fire Tower. In Poona Two, till the Master left the body, he was that body Guard, an editor and all jobs in between. Now he lives in Devon, England with Nisheetha, keeps bees, designs buildings and landscapes for sacred use, has published two volumes of poetry, written a book about the pathless path we all are treading and hangs out with a tribe of grandchildren. And mostly, by choice, he does a lot of nothing.

Energy wells upwards from earth’s captivity.
The sweetest plums grow highest on the tree.
A sea of energy bores freely through eternity,
Listen to its hissing thisness. In tranquility
It showers a thousand star-sun’s bounty.

These wonders have no form or boundary,
They ripen, burst asunder, they are you-are me

Rashid Maxwell
Life is one Blessed thing after another

Osho World Online Magazine :: April 2013
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