Osho World Online Magazine :: April 2013
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Osho is not a Person

Whosoever responds to the queries written to him
By the friends, seekers, lovers and participants 
Of his meditation intensives from around the world

You may find whosoever’s insights
Are inspiring, applicable and invaluable

Whosoever’s sharp and clear insight are 
simply yet direct, fearless yet compassionate
Humorous yet intense, shocking yet reassuring
Bringing reach reference point hidden between 
The words to the surface and unveiling the real

Be it a question about the mind and its illusions 
having to deal with the unpleasant aspects 
Of one’s mechanism- incorporating a conscious
Approach in one’s routine; the value 
Of a acceptance, trust and surrender on the path
Or clarification of a meditation technique

He communicates in an unbelievably simple
And uniquely expressive Indian English
That no-one has ever heard

Publisher: Osho Dhyan Leela Foundation
Price: Rs. 333
Pages: 188

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Music has always been of primary importance in the world of meditation, relaxation and introspection. And not be chance. Unlike other artistic expressions, music addresses inself directly to that more instinctive and intimate part of outselves which does not need the logical mind to function and respond.
Music is used by Osho to support the inner journey, nourishing its aspects of silence and celebration. The celebrative qualities of music are obvious to everyone. What is perhaps less obvious is its capacity to create silence, to awaken spirituality, to tickle the subtle energies that point toward the mystery of our existence. The music on these CD’s is a musical interpretation of this Mystery.

  • Songs of Awakening
  • Come Back Home (Satsang Celebration, Rajneeshpuram 1984)
  • Welcome Home (Birthday Celebration, Rajneeshpuram 1982) (Songs)
  • The Awakening ( Live from Poona, 1980) ( formerly Special Morning Meditation Music VII & VIII) Liverly eastern melodies weave through many moods and tempos)

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Osho World Online Magazine :: April 2013
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