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O is for Osho Centers in America By Ma Prem Geet

This mOnth let us hOnOr the letter O, the first and last letter in my Master OshO’s name, and all the OshO MeditatiOn Centers springing up in America and around the wOrld!.

With so many beautiful and exciting Osho events and programs emerging in the USA and Canada, here is a resource page to help you find the Osho Meditation center nearest you.  These are the most amazing programs and people you will ever meet.  They lead you to your real heart, to new depths of love, to fresh ways of being, and a new sense of WHAT IS.

An  Osho resurgence is truly happening in the US and North America, thanks to life-transforming visits from Osho’s long-time disciples and mega-healers Swami Satya Vedant of www.oshoworld.com, Swami Anand  Arun of www.Tapoban.com, and Milarepa at www.oneskymusic.com and others!  They travel far and continuously endure impossible conditions to spread the love of Osho.Deepest gratitude to you all for finding us, and for loving the USA.

Thanks also to the dedicated individuals making Osho meditations and celebrations available in their cities, listed below.  

Information borrowed from popular Osho websites:www.OshoNA.com and www.ZorbaStudio.com and others.  Apologies if I have left anyone out, this is intended as aa good starting place for people “googling” their city for Osho meditation center information.

Enlightened Mystic Osho says:

“The only way to change the world is to change the level of consciousness -- and that you can do only in yourself. It cannot be done to anybody else from the outside. Yes, if YOU change your level of consciousness, you create vibes which change people, which change people without their knowledge.”

Mark your calendars for these special events ahead, life-transforming meetings with great, great souls engaged deeply with Enlightened Mystic Osho.  Discover your own Buddha nature and your infinite self.

Osho USA/North America Special Events Listed Here:

Osho USA/WEST COAST Special Events Listed Here:

Find the Osho Center Nearest You!

Osho Centers Listed Here:

Osho Meditation in Dallas, Texas:

Osho Meditation in Atlanta, GA:

Osho Meditation in New York, NY:

Osho Meditation in Chicago

Osho Meditation in San Diego, CA

Osho Meditation ion Austin, Texas:

New Video Interviews with Swami SatyaVedant:

New “LivingOsho” Video Website with Interviews:

Sannyas Moments, Video Discourse by Swami AnandArun:

Miracles, Video Discourse by Swami AnandArun:

New E-book Interview with Swami SatyaVedant:

New Book “The Fabric of Life…” by Swami SatyaVedant (Dr. Vasant Joshi)

Osho-Related E-books by Osho Rose:

Music by Milarepa, “Osho’s Guitar”

Osho Meditation in Nepal—loved by Americans!

Osho Resources Listed Here:

Many Osho Videos, search Osho

As a freedom-loving American, I want to help restore my country to love, and the only I know how to do this is to tell people about the planet’s most freedom-loving mystic, Osho.
Over the past few years, thanks to these Osho centers and Osho’s well-traveled disciples, the spirit of Osho is naturally coming back into America with love, peace, celebration, exploration, dignity, and awareness.  Scores of people are being drawn into self-realization and a simple life of love, joy and peace.  It’s hard but we can take full response-ability for our ego strategies to kill love.Meditation works!  Love works!  It’s time to melt!


Please join the celebration with us!

Ma Prem Geet is passionate about bringing the meditations of Osho to a wider audience in America, with love, music, celebration, peace, beauty, and dignity. Thanks to everyone who reviewed and contributed ideas and energy to this essay.  Much appreciated!

Feel free to reprint and repost this essay with a note to Ma Prem Geet at E: [email protected]

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